Friday, April 30, 2010

The one that got away

Have you ever hesitated to buy a bag ?
Or procrastinate, to be exact ?

Because somehow you thought that there might be a better bag or better deal waiting just around the corner?
Then forgotten about it for several months as you get busy with work, bla bla bla ?

But after a while it kept crawling back in your head and you ended up thinking about it over and over again ?
Especially after you got some spare cash in your bank account and itching to get a new bag ?

And then when you finalllyyyyy made up your mind to buy it, you found out that it is no longer available ?
No longer available in the sense that not even on Ebay or Bonanzle or Craiglist ?

It's like the dinosaurs !!
It has been extinct !!
No where to be found !!
Ever again !!
huwaaaaaaa... I'm crying my eyeballs out for this ! 

Presenting, the one that got away from me..
Coach Camel Patent Leather Hailey, Style # 14323
So, tell me, what's yours that got away?
Let me know, perhaps it can make me feel much better.. sob.. sob..

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