Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Devil wears PRADA!

Sun 01122019 : Finding PRADA
Finally I have discovered the most compact wallet feminine enough, ever made by mankind!
I have always loved compact wallet and this Louis Vuitton compact wallet from trunks & bags collection, has been my go-to travelling wallet.
So when I saw my SIL's Prada Vitello Grain compact trifold wallet last month, I knew I just have to have it.
You will not believe it, until you see it for yourself. It fits coins, notes and even 6 of my cards, and still feels slim!
Dah alang-alang bawak kids to Legoland, I was so lucky to get this at JPO for RM980.
It came in Saffiano leather too but feeling the hard texture of saffiano, please bare in mind that it will not be as slim and compact feels as it is with this stress grain leather.

I actually made a target to get myself next year, the LV victorine wallet, ever since I saw NanaMoz's, because it was slimmer than my LV compact wallet. But this Prada beats me to it.
Although my Prada doesn't have the zippered compartment like victorine LV, the buttoned front flap still able to prevent any coins from getting out.
Check out the similarities between their designs. So much alike! Ohh I just had to make #jelita78punyareview when I went for lunch with Nana the other day. Sabar je lah kan, abaikan the table mat Alexis tu, if you might noticed.
Conclusion, I'd say the Prada vitella compact trifold wallet is like the Mini-Me of the LV victorine wallet. (And cheaper too)
Ohhh aren't they the cutest!

Monday, December 09, 2019

Abanggg Remmmyyyy

Sun 08122019 : Berlari berkejaran
Going bonkers with Remy Ishak at the Ice-Watch Light Up The Day Run last weekend.
Orang lain sibuk nak habihkan larian.
Aku sibuk lari kejar abang remyyy.
Eh. Tiberrrr.
Nampak tak posing ahkak camana, compared to shakey posing ayu je kat bawah nih.. hehehe
Karang ada kena kecam kang.
Anywayyyy.. this is the penutup funrun for me this year.  Tak larat dah la.. hari tu larian sultan nazrin 10km kat kuala kangsar, lupa nak blog it out.
Tetiap tahun, sejak tahun 2016 dah join this icewatch and the hype is that dah laa race kit pon dapat jam sebijik, pastu dapat plak voucher utk beli sebijik jam icewatch yg asal nya RM339, dengan hanya RM99!! Murah weiii.

Ok chup. Event matter, agak a disappointment tahun ni, sebab at the finishing line, takde van milo, takde bagi air masak, apatah lagi air 100 plus, takde bagi buah, takde dah macam tahun tahun sebelum ni siap dapat starbucks frappe lagi. Cuma ada sepeket air Origina dan sepeket roti bun 50sen tu. Dah. Itu je. 
Ok. Let's talk about the watches.
These are the releases this year.
Last year 2018, depa release model lain.
2016 model lain. And 2017 takde icewatch run.
Being my masalah seorang shopaholik nature, benda bargain macam ni, haruslah dihebah hebohkan. Nope, not via instagram lah. I blast je kat watsap group my ex-schoolmates, bammm!
Order masuk berduyun duyun.
So happy to help ma friends get this deal.

Selain dari model adik-beradik merah dia atas tu, these two yg kat bawah nih, the white and teal, which were from last years', were also made available yesterday for RM99 each. (mesti stock tak laku last year lah ni)
Balik jer rumah, terus buat comparison with my previous years collection.
As usual laa kan #jelita78punyareview 
This purple was from the 2016 run. This turquoise from the 2018 run.
This red was from yesterday, 2019 run
My opinion, sama je tahun ni and last year punya.
2016 paling mahal lah.
Because the face was metal unlike others, plastic.
Yeah thats why 2016 also heavier. 
Wonder what 2020 will be for us.
For now, lets enjoy these RED & FIRE.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Impressive Eslona

(Pic from sometime.asia)
Wed 13112019 : Eslona by Sometime By Asian Designers
Spent my lunchtime today visiting the Sometime showroom at Oval Damansara building, because my bestie (illa) wanted to stamped her name on her bag. And since my office is just 5mins walk away, I was happy to help out.

(Pic from sometime.asia)

Anyway, I thought this Iconic Essentials Collection would be the same as their Estela design.
Since it's the same colourway - beige and black. and looks the same handle type too.
Maybe just the shape that differs.
Boy, was I wrong.

(Pic from sometime.asia)

They make look the same, but the material is not!
Estella was made from 100% cotton. Means that you can throw it into the washing machine as and when you require cleaning.
Eslona is made of coated canvas. The inner lining is like what you see in cath kidston bag whereby if you accidentally get it wet on the outside, your belongings on the inside will not be effected. And vice versa. It's water repellent, bebeh!
This means that you may require manual cleaning method as to not damage the coated canvas material. Tak boleh laa campak je masuk washing machine tu. Tadahal, boleh je brush slowly to remove the dirt. Macam basuh Longchamp LePliage tu.
(Pic from sometime.asia)

Absolutely love the Eslona Mini back pocket and internal compartments.
To top it all, super loving the long detachable and adjustable strap.
Picture below shows me in the most extended length of the crossbody strap.
Which I believe long enough should you be taller than me, I am 165cm height by the way.

The Eslona tote however looks a little too large for me.
It may be the same size as the LV Neverfull GM, incase you are wondering.
Price wise, as below:
Eslona large RM99
Eslona mini RM89
Espouch2 RM59 (but if you buy any of the Eslona bag, you'll get to buy it at RM39)

For more information, kindly visit their website.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Where is JELITA78 instagram?

Fri 01112019 : A new beginning.
I have disabled my Instagram account on 1st Nov 2019.
Yes. I did it.
Cold turkey.
I feel that i have lost focus of what matters most in life.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak sedari tu buat makan-makan kat umah dia ngn sedara lelain, tapi kenapa tak ajak aku yang rumah dekat ni? Terus i stress.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak kawan yg ku sangka rapat dengan aku tu pegi travel ladies trip dengan kawan kitorang yg juga ku sangka rapat dengan aku tu, tapi kenapa diorang lansung tak pelawa aku sama? Am i not a fun person to be with? Terus aku rasa sedih.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak orang tu beli tudung baru, padahal orang tu dah memang cantik pon, dia pakai tudung periuk pon lawa. Terus aku lupa bersyukur dengan rezeki Allah pada ku, dan aku nak jugak tudung tu, padahal dah ada lapan belas helai tudung of tona warna yg sama kat dalam lemari aku tu.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak orang tu pegi honeymoon lagi, tapi kenapa aku ngn laki aku takde peluang camni? Terus aku nak carik gaduh ngn laki aku.

Bila tengok iG kedai-kedai, nampak depa iklan barang baru, dan sale sana sini ngn discount code bagai, terus gatai tangan nak click-click beli padahal hutang credit card nak sampai RM10k taktau nak bayar camner.

Bila tengok iG, aku pon ralit.
Lansung terlupa nak tanya khabar anak-anak, apatah lagi nak layan perangai anak-anak aku yang potpet potpet nak bercakap dengan aku.

So ko paham tak betapa aku sendiri, jiwa, dan otak, dan perasaan ni jadik rosak dengan iG ni.
Yer. It's all my fault. I loose control. I loose focus.
Hence, that is why I am eliminating the source.

I never have a facebook, nor twitter account.
So, sepatutnya boleh je la idop pon tanpa iG ni, kan?
And a good reason to start blogging again, after a year of silence.
Mari kita cuba.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Part 8 UKtrip : Playing Princess

Leeds Castle, Kent
Sat 26112016 : All hail the british monarchy.
Another must do as tourist, is taking the time to visit the castle.
Macam bosan kan? Tapi bila lagi nak visit.
Memang laa ko takleh masuk Buckingham Palace tu, so, kita layan Leeds Castle ni pon dah hazab ok.
The place is extremely large. Sakit kaki nak berjalan ni wehh.
Maka, sila jangan nak over pakai kasut cinderella tu sebab nanti ko sendiri akan menyumpah seranah sakit kaki melecit nak habihkan round the whole castle lot. We did not managed to cover all grounds sebab serious besar tempat ni.
Memang tak sesuai lah kalau nak bawak orang tua jalan kat sini, unless depa naik wheelchair.
No worries, ramp and area for wheelchair memang dibuat khas kat sini.
And this place memang best giller untuk orang jogging sebab sangat cantik the surroundings.
Again, if you wish to visit, let me stress to you on the timing.. come during spring/ summer.
Konpem lawa giller all the flowers blooming around the courtyard and garden scenery.
Time kitorang datang ni sejuk so nak jalan kat luar tu agak berkira la tang angin lintang gigil tu.
Yes, kena bayar nak masuk castle ni.
£26 one ticket, but can enter the whole year round.
Meaning that the ticket grants you free entree into the castle, multiple times from the date of issue.
In my case, I guna ticket Puan Huda yg dah mai visit bulan sebelum nya.
And then kita tinggalkan je ticket ni kat Hesly untuk dia bawak orang lain plak yg nak pergi melawat.
So, dengan kata lain, if you plan to come here, please ask around kengkawan yg dah pegi, supaya share ticket.. boleh la jimat. insyaAllah.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Part 7 UKtrip : Shakespeare Town

Mon 21112016 : Birthplace of Shakespeare
No, I dont like literature.
But, dah alang-alang sampai sini, harus lah cuba untuk mempelajari culture keagungan British ni kan. Itulah erti sebenar travelling. Kalau ko main ketegaq ikut apa yg ko minat jer, baik takyah travel.
Anyway, sounds boring. Yes. Ini pengakuan ikhlas. This town is boring.
So, please be prepared.

It's all about timing.
Kitorang sampai, wrong timing.
Satu - wrong weather. Time ni hujan. Sangat tak syiok nak jalan jalan.
Dua - wrong season. Winter. Tak cantik. Korang kena mai time summer. Sebab kat sini banyak garden. So konpem laa berbunga bunga hati jantung mata peparu korang nanti bila mai sini.
Tiga - wrong day. Kena tengok kat website, ada hari yg ada show hence that's when you should plan to come here so that you will be able to sneak a peak at any of the famous Shakespeare rendition.
So there you have it. You're welcome.
#jelita78traveltips untuk korang.
Ingat, ok.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Part 6 UKtrip : They called it Brum

Mon 21112016 : £4 Hi-tea
Yes, just 4 pounds. 

With bottomless hot chocolate drink.
The assorted sandwiches tu boleh mintak to not have any meat nor chicken. #jelita78traveltips learned from Hesly was not to be shy and voice out your needs.
Since kat online takde bagi option to pick the food type, and because kat sini memang depa sangat peka pasal vegetarian needs, so memang boleh je cakap kat staff cadbury tu.
Nanti depa akan letak tuna , salmon , cheese and cucumber fillings sahaja.
Ada scones and macaroons and fruits tarts and muffins and brownies.
Pendek kata, sugar overdose lah kome kalau mari sini.
Pastu bila tak habis, simply ask them to pack them all to-go and include a cup of hot chocolate to-go as well. Boleh juga mintak tea or coffee. Both also available. Tapi nama tempat pon cadbury world kann.. maka the chocolate laaa pelakon utama nya. FYI 😉
#jelita78goes2uk #CadburyWorld

Anywayyy.. if u plan to visit Cadbury World, and nak borong cokelat sini, well, kat tempat souvenier ni ada satu bahagian kat belakanggg sket, macam ada shelves besi.. and coklat dalam kotak- kotak bertindih tak bersusun semak..
Hah, go here!
Coz all are sold in boxes of big quantity.
Sesuai untuk borong bawak balik ke sahabat handal. They packed the chocolates worth 25pence sebatang into boxes of 60 pax with harga kilang.
Bagi souvenier kat kengkawan mmg sangat berbaloi ok. (And utk top up supply coklat bagi diri sendiri..#sayahantucokelat hahaha)
Sorry if this labels me as cheapskate kerr, well hellooo i earned my salary in ringgit malaysia ok, so, pepaham laa.
Ikut kemampuan memasing.. this is merely MY own personal #jelita78traveltips for budget conscious traveller. Layannnnn..

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Part 5 UKtrip : Taking a Bath

Sat 19112016 : Stoned
Apa ada pada stonehenge?
Hahh hamik nak.
Verangan je laa kalau nak amik shot dekat ngn batu tu, becoz you can no longer go near it.
Bayar pon ada level distance boleh pegi, sebab memang tak leh pegi dekat dah yer, harap maklum.
Depa dah preserved the place and semua tourists hanya boleh tengok dari jauh sahaja.
Yeah. Seriously. This sucks!
Ripped off to the money.

Tapi you still boleh laaa amik gambar yg considerably dekat lah jugak sebenarnya.
Except that ada pagar sorroundings the stones, preventing tourists from going too close to it.

Hence #jelita78traveltips kali ni #jelita78goes2uk is that korang takyah beli tiket untuk masuk pon.. tapi just berenti tepi jalan je sebelah stonehenge tu mcm ni, becoz the distance to the stone is oklah jugakkk nak snap pics pon.
Tapi kena jaga jaga sket sbb kereta drive sini laju and amik pic tepi jalan tu, jangan laaa sampai terbunuh diri sendiri plak.

They built fences around it. About 30 meters distance from the batu. U takleh pi dekat dah. Katanya nak preserve the batu and the grounds around it. Tapi like i said before, still cun laaa if u want to take pic purposes. Thats all.
£18.20 per ticket entry to the area.
If tak beli tiket, u takkan nampak the batu from the visitor centre sbb dari situ dah ada pagar tak bagi masuk to even jalan atas padang towards the stonehenge fences. And nope, the stone can't be seen at all from there, becoz the location of visitor centre tu mcm kat slope and kena jalan ke luar by foot hike naik bukit sikit and then baru nampak the stones. But if u beli tiket, ada shuttle bus akan bawak u from the visitor centre, up to the stonehenge area.

Yashh.. so i berenti kereta tepi jalan and snap from far ajer laa.. tapi still pegi ke visitor centre sbb nak beli fridge magnet £3 .. sorry for I have to be cheapskate.. my money.

And.it's up to you really if u want to spend your money dont let me stop you, please go ahead. Boleh laa nampak upclose jugak the stones colours shading and lekuk lekuk nya itu
Budak busuk in Bath!
Rainy. Gloomy. Wet.
That's best described it.

And like any other travel packages, if you plan to visit the Roman Bath, best to combine it with Stonehenge because they are located nearby in the same route actually.
#jelita78traveltips honestly telling u also not to invest buying that Roman Baths ticket because it is seriously not worth it. Just stepping into the building to see the indoor pool.
Sebijik like the pictures on the Internet.
Nothing much.
Unless if you are the type who loves and appreciate architecture and roman ruins, by all means, you may enjoy it. Haha #jangankecamsis for being so negative .. like i said before, these are purely my personal preference and i was on a budget travel.

Nevertheless, when you get here, go discover the town. Because Bath town on the other hand is very compact. Sejam pon cukup nak cover lah. They have it all in one place, with plenty of small local cafes worth visiting.
Two things you MUST look for when in Bath are the ice cream, and bun makcik sally buat.
Hahh serious ok. Namanya Sally Lunn Bun. Siap ada museum roti bun turun temurun keluarga Kak Sally ni. This is FREE entrance for all. Hence, make your way here.

Side note to all; kat sini ada kedai jual makanan halal but not that many kerana komuniti muslim very little. Even Sainsbury pon takde jual seketul pon daging halal. Student muslim kat Bath Uni kat sini mostly combine their orders for daging halal from Bristol to be delivered to them. Begitulah paparan berita #jelita78goes2uk dari sumber yg boleh dipercayai berNama @nuramieras hahahha..
*Additional info- Halal meat available at Oldfield Park butcher - makluman dari sumber kenalan user iG

Part 4 UKtrip : Opera night

One of the epic thing i did this time was watching the Opera. And not just any opera show. This was the ultimate internationaly renowned show of all times; The Phantom Of The Opera punya Opera.

Gave me goosebumps just trying to recall this.

Wed 23122016 : Theatre night
Phantom of the Opera
At Her Majesty's Theatre, London
International standard
World renowned
Full house!
Taktau nak comment macam mana dah
Memang jauh panggang dari api, when compared with theatre seen kat Malaysia.
Maybe because all singing soprano sampai meremang bulu roma ahkak ni.
And tahap penjiwaan mereka semua in delivering their performances, memang boleh buat penonton menanges. Almost ok!
Especially when we all know POTO has a sad ending.. yeah.. still..

#jelita78goes2uk giving #jelita78traveltips this time is that if u have the time and money, please go. This theatre is live performances not to be missed. Simply astounding.
Try search internet for available tickets.
1- Sila bawak air and makanan sbb diorang mmg bagi penonton bawak makanan dan minuman semua especially during break intermission. Snacking je tau, harap maklum. Makanan berat mcm nasi tu diorang takkan bagi laa ekk.
2- untuk POTO, kalu korang amik cheap seats kat grand cirle area balcony tu, make sure pilih yg seat belah kanan stage. Sebab nya actress actresses suka pi belah kiri depan. And if u took seats on this side, jadik sakit leher sbb u cannot see them clearly during performances.

Have to admit ada a few parts singing soprano tu yg membuatkan kita mengantuk. Tapi i guess normal laaa sbb language used british slang pekat giller susah nak paham and mendayu dayu suara mereka. Tapi kejap je laaa and then action, action and more action!
Another thing is that sebab kitorang tgk the night show. Badan dah letih seharian berjalan kan. Takleh tgk siang sbb Hesly kerja so nanti dia merajuk guling guling tgh jalan nak ikut.
Thus, my advice, for you ols traveller, sila tengok day show supaya otak korang sendiri masih fresh in the day.
No worries if you are buying the balcony high up seats sbb kat kerusi duduk tu, ada that theatre binoculars kecik for you to use throughout the show. Slot in £1 to pull it out of casing depan kerusi duduk tu jer. Boleh laaa usha prop yg intricate clothing bagai semua.
Memang very very awesome lah details semua.

Price seats varies between £20is to £70ish.
We ols amik cheapest la ofkoz.
Tu yg dapat dok tepi tu.
But still doesn't stop us for having the time of our life.
Oh must i remind you, kerusi tu, leg area sempit sangat. So kalau dapat dok tepi aisle memang berkat laa untuk stretch those long heidi klum legs 😉

Minah teleng
Skill amik gambar sorok-sorok and laju-laju amat diperlukan. Sebab diorang tak bagi amik gambar dalam theatre ni.
Tapi ni masa mula mula masuk, boleh laa buat-buat tak tahu kann.. ala-ala oopps i did it again, giceww..


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