Monday, August 02, 2010

Turkish Cookies !! Yiippeee !!

I've been looking for this, for the past two years !
Yes, TWO whole freaking years !!
An ex-schoolmate of mine used to make this for fun but she completely stop after delivering her first baby.
Since then I have been wondering aimlessly for it.
Until a week ago, my friend Ie called me up to spill me the good news.
She found somebody else making the same cookie!
And making it A LOT !
As in, for business !
Ohhhhhh you just cannot imagine how happy I was to hear that.
It's like a dream came true !
No, I have NEVER promoted cookies in my life.
But for this, I really have to tell.

Because, my dear readers, this is not just an ordinary cookie.
Oh no it is not.
I'm telling ya, it is not an easy cookie to make.
This is TURKISH COOKIE we are talking about.
It is NOT a tiny ordinary cookie.
It is NOT a thin flimsy ordinary cookie.
And most important, it is NOT empty on the inside!
Yes, it has chocolate fillings!
But wait, it is NOT an ordinary chocolate either, it's HAZELNUT blended chocolate fillings!!
And now you know why I'm going ga-ga over this.
Crunchy on the outside.. and melted hazelnut-chocolate on the inside..
No way, I am not gonna serve this to my guest during Eid celebrations.
This is for ME and only ME !
Ohhh sooo yummyyy !!


  1. akak.. entri ni mmg saya pon x leh nk resist..
    saya x suka kuih raya pon rasa cam nak order..
    nak order 45 pieces!
    bg no akaun ek.. nnt sy masuk rm30

  2. salam kak saya nak oder jugak..
    this is my email

    sy dok kelana jaya... but if nak pickup kat tm pun ok... u keje situ kan...?


  3. salamz, wow those cookies buat i salivate je kat sini, lol! boleh courier to SG? :))

  4. Hi Aida,
    rasa mcm nak jugakkkkk..;)

    tapi err..err.. bole pos ke?

  5. hi IQWA..
    ok.. dah order dah for u..
    beb, later we fix time nak pickup ok..
    u nak amik ni minggu depan ke, nak for Raya nnt? let me know!

  6. yes dd !!
    nak berapa balang?
    satu ke? yup.. bley amik kat KJ or TM..
    beb, nak bila ni? next week, or a week before raya?

  7. hi IT'S ME!
    and Ealyie!
    I think i can try to post it..
    email me and let me know how much u want, ok?

  8. hai kak.. i'm your silent reader from Brunei. Kalau nak order cookies ni boleh hantar ke Brunei tak? Let me know soon :)

    Payment wise, i can send u by paypal or transfer to your account.

  9. cantik la kak! nak minggu dpn.. hehe. x saabr
    nanti nk no akaun ek kak


  10. alaaa IQWA, later u pay cash laa to me.. unless u want me to post it?

  11. Hi Chic Treasurer !!
    thanks for reading my blog!
    sure, i can try and post it.. i never posted cookies before but this cookie is not fragile, therefore i think it should be ok.. i can't guarantee it, but there's only one way to find out! hehe

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Chic Treasurer, emel me at
    i've removed your comment just to protect your privacy details! *wink*

  14. hi jelita78, I'm interested to order 90 pieces, could you post it to Kuantan, you can email me your account no at

  15. hi dear...

    i nak order bole?nak 90 pieces.pls email

  16. Hi there,
    The cookies look good!
    I wish to order 90 pcs. How do I wire the money to you? And I think I'd like to personally pick em up at TM.

    Kindly email me ya.

  17. Hi jelita78,

    boleh order lagi ke? Klu boleh nak 90 pcs...utk pos ke jb.

    let me know the details


  18. alamak su!!
    dah takde laa..
    i ni bukannya reseller berdaftar pon.. setakat tolong orderkan je..
    tapi mmg dah lama dah close order and have been delivered to everybody dah pon.. sorry ekk!!

  19. Give us the recipe please


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