Monday, May 03, 2010

Chanel-ing my interest

So I've been thinking.. (like always.. bwahaha..), if I am ever to land myself in Chanel City, what would it best to begin with?

Should I start my journey with the Chanel GST (Grand Shopper Tote)?
What do you think of this stunning Red Caviar?

... or should I opt for the classic Black Caviar?
How about Grey Caviar?

I know that almost everybody, (referring to my purseforum buddies) said that the 1st Chanel should be the Classic Flap design, but, I'm not quite feeling it, really...
oh, but then this red does look deliciously yummy though..

I'm more leaning towards this Reissue Camera Case type..
..especially this Matte Grey..
So, what do you think?
I've added a poll on the left side bar of this blog.
Do feel free to comment and vote, ya!
Thanks peeps!

(all pictures were googled from the net)


  1. I think it depends on what you're looking for. If you're planning on getting one bag from chanel, ever (give the price tag...) then the flap bag, which you will use maybe once every few months when you go out with your husband...I have a flap bag and its very uncomfortable to have to lock it closed and unlock it open again etc.

    The shopper tote would be a perfect 'every day' bag and its beautiful and easy to reach all your essentials. I'd get it in red or black because its all-season, grey is very fashionable right now but I feel like it might be too 'trendy'...

    The camera case - its gorgeous but its been faked soooo many times to look exactly the same.........

    :D I love purses...!

  2. ohhhhhh thank you sooo much ms.champagne!
    u make sense alright!
    and read me like an open book, i must say!
    oh if only i have money growing on trees on my backyard.. sigh.


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