Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Bear-day !

Yeay !!
It's Party Time !!
Venue : A & W Restaurant, PJ
Time : 2pm
Invitees : Friends & Families
Appetizers : Sweets and chocolates
Main course : Yummy Fried Chicken, Nuggets, Coney Dog & Fries
Main Attraction : Mr. BEAR !!
Mommy just have to take a photo with the Bear!
Whilst Arif ended up frightened !
 But Amin's having fun getting-jiggy-with-it !
Highlighted by Zahra blowing up the candles!
With proud daddy (Sayuti) and mommy (Azura)
Happy 3rd Birthday, Zahra !
..and great to see you too Azura!!

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