Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I can't help it ! I bought TWO ..dot..dot..dot..

This post is dedicated for all those wondering about the recent Valiram sale as mentioned in previous post.
First sight at the hall main entrance, was this poster.
Look at all those colours! 
Mentioned by Raz that this is more dangerous than the traffic light signs !
We were lining up at the hall as early as 10am.
As soon as the door opened half and hour later, we immediately rushed to the COACH sections, of course, what else.. yeah..

We saw this;

And this;

These too;

Some more;

And lastly;
Just that.
In my book, this is THE most BORING Valiram sale EVER!
I've been to a much better ones.

Anyway, later I saw this;

And these;

And my feet stopped here;

Both of you, you're coming home with me!


I.Q.W.A said...

akak!!!! berapa rm lindlt tu?

Hanis Haizi said...

ooh mmg boring pun kalau sales kat msia ni kannn?huhuhu esp warehouse sales like this cam hidup segan mati x mahu jekk

jelita78 said...

IQWA > itu LINDT, satu kotak RM40.30, and satu lagi kotak RM44.20.. ohhhh sedappppp wa cakap sama lu..

jelita78 said...

hi Hanis,
kalu nak warehouse sale best, macam sale warehouse coklat, or barang baby, or books mph..
hah, itu memang worth going and buying too!

IreneYaya said...

Bila u try dah Sprungli, Lindt dah jadi second class. *tiupkuku* HAHA i know eksyen! LArikkkkkk =P

jelita78 said...

sungguh kereks sekali mu rupanyer yerk!
ini kena masuk wishlist ni "Sprungli"

Anonymous said...

hehe so u beli apa?

jelita78 said...

coklat lindt daaaa leoness!


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