Friday, July 01, 2011

Age is just a number

The Date : 30th June 2011
The Venue : Marché, Curve Damansara

The Event : Birthday Celebration over dinner, for my AYAH

As usual, the kids are the ones with the most excitement..

..when it comes to celebrations like this.

Yeah, Ijah too :p

Great place for family celebrations, but we're very disappointed with the tasteless grilled salmon.
Obviously not a fresh fish.

Other than that, other foods are aye-ok.
I've commented last year that the Caesar salad was not that good.
But this time, it's pure perfection! 

Ayah turned 61 this date.
And there's nothing more that we wished for other than the perfect health.
We love you sooo much !


Mrs E said...

yes, ita...age is just a number for the young at heart ;-)

Daia said...

Ur mum, nampak muda, mcm kakak u....

Anonymous said...

owww happy family. so cute!

Irene's Closet said...

You're blog is amazing :D


jelita78 said...

thanks Mrs E !!
it's the perfect health that matters most.. no matter at what age..

jelita78 said...

wohooo Daia..
kombang setaman mak aku kalu tahu komen ko ni!

jelita78 said...

awwww.. thanks leoness!
so sweet of u!

jelita78 said...

hello irene's closet! thanks for dropping in my blog!
your style is amazing!
how's florence at this time of year, anyways? keep in touch doll!


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