Thursday, July 07, 2011

What does it mean when hubby gave you this CHANEL?

Hubby gave me this present last May, during the Mother's Day celebration.

Yes, that is a CHANEL box!
That comes with a CHANEL card!
And beautifully tied with the CHANEL ribbons.

It even has a CHANEL sticker on the inside paper.
Ohhh the detailing!

My heart was pounding fast, wondering what could it be.

And walla !
Errr... what are these, my dear?

Now let me see..
This is the Mascara.

..with a very cool casing..
Again, you could find this kind of detailing only on CHANEL products.

Next is the eyeliner.. Hmm..

And the biggest box is this..

Looks like a compact, but nope, it's actually an eye shadow palette.

With 4 beautiful earthy shades.

Now, the thing to highlight is that, I don't wear make up.
Why? Hmm.. Maybe becoz I don't even know how, apart from the fact that I never bother to learn either.
So, does this mean that you want me to do the Kim Kardashian eyes?

Hmm.. what do you think? 


  1. berat ni... sampai da hint2 gini.. so apa lagi, mintak tolong you tube la...

  2. Sis ...

    Untuk suami tersayang, why not !!!

  3. so akak kena belajar la makeup...sekarang dah cantik dah..nak tambahkan manisnya tu hehe

  4. ada maksud mendlam tu...apa lagi get set go!nak hire make up trainer ker?i boleh je volunteer....hehehhe

  5. hi daia!
    tu laa pasal!
    i dah nak lompat kijang dah, ingatkan wallet chanel ke.. sekalik tu make up you!!

  6. SM@A .. harus menjunjung perintah ok!

  7. awwww Nurman, such a sweet comment!
    bersemangat terus i nak cuba!

  8. cayalaaa fiezachommel!
    ok.. janji jadik kim kardashian ok!!

  9. I'm thinking some fancy events should be involved. If he wants you to figure out how to use these products, you should be going out to nice dinners or something. Why do that much makeup with nowhere to go? So I hope he also has some fancy events planned!

  10. dont think about it too much... just use it.

  11. I think so..its a hint from him..he is sweet :)

  12. cz22, unfortunately, it has been almost 2 months and nope, no fancy smancy dinner or whatsoever planned.
    how long do u think i have to wait for that?
    i think he just figured out to give me something that i didn't have, despite the fact that i know how to use it or not.. haha.. MEN !!

  13. nini > just use it? easier said than done.
    i might turn out like marilyn manson!

  14. thanks meen!
    i'll try to learn the kardashian look soon! hehehe

  15. gosh i luv Chanel! i recommend vitalumiere aqua in beige rose for foundation

  16. leoness, i baru nak tanya apekebende tu??
    foundation ekk?
    aduhhh.. lambat sket laaa i bergiat cemerlang dalam lapangan make-up ni.. hehe..


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