Monday, August 22, 2011

Countdown to Eid, three times a day..

"Mommy, another 8 days, right?"
"Mommy, can I have NinjaGo Lego instead of the Pirates Lego?"
"Mommy, can we go watch CARS after Raya?"

Unlike previous years, this time Amin definitely feel the heat warmer than anyone else.
He will talk about Eid during Iftar, after Terawih prayers, and during Sahur.
I promised him a NinjaGo toys for full complete fasting.
But from time to time, he changed his mind and wanting other toys.
It's like he has constantly been thinking on what he wants as the reward.
Because he knows that he's gonna finish fasting with flying colours.

So, how are your preparations for Eid going this year?
A friend of mine once created an Eid check-list last year, which sorry to say I couldn't find the file to share it with you today.
However, here's my check-list.

As far as I can recall, I never go to the extend of changing the furniture, or buying new curtains, or new carpets for Eid celebration.
I believe my parents never did so either.
We just changed to freshly washed curtains, vacuum the house, wipe the dusty furniture, cleaned the windows and drainage and mopped the floors.
Other items currently in check-list will be:
  • New clothes a.k.a baju raya (just the clothes, no raya shoes needed)
  • Cookies and titbits for visitors (usually we'll make some but since mom not here during Ramadhan, so no home-made cookies this year)
  • Money envelope a.k.a angpaw covers (we'll try to get the free ones from the supermarket or banks)
  • The money to put inside the angpaw (standard rate is about RM1 for the kampung kids and either RM5 or RM10 for relatives, age relevant of course)
  • Mercun a.k.a firecrackers. (favourites are the thunderclap and kingkats.. yup, this is a must!)

So, what's in your check-list this year?

(pics googled from the net)


  1. my list almost complete. tp rs mcm nk kasut/sandal raya jugak ;)

  2. hehe..
    beli jgn tak beli..
    bila lagi nak cari alasan untuk kasut baru.. hehe

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