Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man down, man down !!

It's BOY down, to be exact.
My soon-to-be 3 year old Arif is now down with HFMD.
What on earth is that?
It's the Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.
We noticed these spots last night but I thought it was just mosquito bites.
So, I told hubby to put Mopiko ointment on it.
He didn't developed any fever and no loss of appetite either.
That's why we couldn't suspect this earlier.
Until this morning, as I was about to change his diaper, I noticed the same spots like, on his palm.
It's obvious.
Something is not right.
We diverted our nursery-route to the nearest clinic.
And no doubt, quarantine is the word enhanced by Dr. Johari.
So now, Arif is officially (and happily) on nursery-break, for the next 7 days.
Hope nothing serious turns out later.
Wish him well !!


  1. ala sian...my doter pun penah kena.. pelik jugak mcm mana boleh kena sedangkan kita jaga betul2.. rupenya jangkit dgn budak kat sekolah.. haihhh..

  2. ha-ah..
    i dah tepon dah nursery to inform them to check other kids.
    sebab doc said the virus started from inside the mouth, then baru kat hand and foot.
    my son may have already caught this from last week, but was not obviously seen.
    hope he gets well quick and other kids at nursery too..
    tak larats laa mak nak kena cuti sama ni!

  3. Praying for his speedy recovery

  4. thanks Nurman and Mrs E.
    i'll update his progress from time to time.
    now that i'll be at home, on leave, watching over him, feeling very bored, hmmm...

  5. start dr mulut?sah la kongsi2 makanan ni!!!nursery lama anak i.. satu mangkuk bubur kongsi 2-3 bdk (disuap pakai sudu) sorg selsema, semua jangkit..

  6. My son pun pernah kena.Jangkit from kindie.How could the parent just ignore it, and send the kids for school?
    Jaga-jaga, nanti semua kids kat dalam rumah jugak boleh jangkit.

  7. Betol tu nqr !
    memang laaa sgt teacher suap makan reramai camtu.. Dah takkan 2 yr old nak makan sendiri kot and tak koser laa teacher nak tunggu sorang sorang habis makan.. Kebulur. Tunggu turn bebudak tu..
    Harapkan antibody kids ni kuat lah..

  8. Sometimes fiezachommel parents pon tak sedar..
    Mcm i laaa..
    Doc kata dah start dari mulut a few days dah.. Then baru melarat ke tangan and kaki..
    I mmg tak sedar lansung sbb arif takde komplen pon.
    Abg dia dah hantar balik kg. Tinggal i ngn arif je here at home.
    InsyaAllah, harap tak melarat..


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