Friday, November 11, 2011

Beautiful date, beautiful day

So many people got married on this day.
So many gorgeous children were born on this day.
So many other human being around the world set up events just so to commemorate this date.
But as for me, it was totally unplanned.
(pics googled from the net)

It all began last Wednesday, 9th November 2011.
It was Amin's report card day.
The day where every parents heart skipped a beat.
All in all, it was the day where excitement, meet anger, meet upset, meet happy.

As we sat in suspense in front of Miss Siti, Amin's class teacher, she placed the performance summary in front of us, and said:
"Congratulations, Amin got first in class"

I almost fell down the chair with my eyes scrambling for the class achievement remarks, and said:
"Whaaaatttttt?" (with an unbelievable tone)

Hubby turned the paper towards himself.
I bet he was as surprised, too.

Then Miss Siti took out the invitation paper, for the Achievement Award Day, dated 11th Nov 2011.
So that's how it all began.
And here we were.
At the school's hall.
I forced hubby to dress up for the big day.
And intended to put some make-up on myself.
But decided not to, in case I might end up crying of joy, and splattered the mascara all over my face.
Lipstick will suffice, then.
Amin took home two awards; first place in class and best achiever in English subject.
No doubt, I was the happiest amongst all.
The headaches, panic attack, turning the house into a war zone, now all paid off.
To be honest, I wasn't putting any expectations for him to beat the rest.
Not at all wanting to compare him with other kids.
All I wanted was for him to be smart in study and do his best for himself.
I was not an achiever during my time either.
But I managed to get good grades, constantly.
And that was enough for my parents.
Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of bragging about my son (nor myself) here.
This blog is for me to keep my memories alive.
And Amin, mommy wants you to know that mommy is very proud of you.
And surprised too that you actually are smart indeed.. haha..
And as promised, your ninjago as the high achievement award presents.
And yes, if you keep up the excellent achievement next year, mommy promise that more presents will come your way!
Just say it, and you'll get it!


  1. Congrate Amin, kids nowadays. Jelita pu n should get the credit, bukan senang kan nak mendidik anak2

  2. Congrats Amin! My kids pun tengah obsess dengan Lego Ninjago sekarang siap hafal semua characters!

  3. Nurman, great idea!
    i should claim prezen for myself from hubby laa camni! hehehe

  4. waaaaahhh yaya!
    depa pon ninjago jugak ke?
    i pon taktau dari mana depa discover it on the first place..
    sekali dok tgk movie clip kat youtube of the episodes semua sbb dalam astro takde kan..
    huh.. bijak bebudak sekarang ni..


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