Thursday, November 03, 2011

Chuck is back !!

My man is back for Season 5!
None other than, Zachary Levi, of course.

I was totally waiting for the new season, because the last thing that happened during Season 4 finale, was that Morgan downloaded the intersect into his head, and survived.
Hence, it is expected that Morgan to be the hero in this fifth season.

Totally liking the new Sarah Walker hairdo.
Simply stunning and sexy.

But somehow I was a bit disappointed with this premier episode.
I hate the new plot of the bad guy which unlike the usual world-domination, this time it is to make sure Chuck fails in everything.
So, where's the fun in that?
You know how I love Chuck.
How can I ever watch something with evil scheme to bring him down.

Bummer.. now I'm not looking forward anymore to the next episode.
Hate this evil plot!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. Sarah walker soooo howt!..rambut camna pun tetap meletops..

  2. ditto!
    rasa mcm tensen jer tgk dia lawa sokmo..


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