Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily dose of breakfast

Lucky me, I don't have to crack my brains to get started these days because every morning, my tastebuds happily gobbles this for breakfast.

Oh thank you so much to Gardenia for this creation.

Look at that chocolate spread.
And the chocolate filling too.

Of course, I'm not done with one.
Must have the strawberry squiggles as well.

Ahhhh.. such a complete combo.


Ms. Champagne said...

Wow I don't think we have that here in Canada. I can't wait to try it.. I'm guessing its sort of like a jos louis or a passion flakie :P

Zara said...

how i miss Gardenia :D

jelita78 said...

well Ms. Champagne it's really just a normal bun with fillings inside.
i think my preggie taste buds might exaggerate way too much.. haha..

jelita78 said...

ohhh zara..
don't say like that.
i'm sure those strawberry cupcakes there tastes as awesome!


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