Friday, November 18, 2011

Totally worth it

I have been craving for this, ever since hubby brought back some from Singapore early this year.

 And especially now, with my unpredictable taste buds.

Had to text hubby this menu because I got confused.. haha

"Just get the caramel crisp" he text back.

 As expected, without hubby around, things got out of control.. sort of..

Bought this cutesy, for immediate consumption.

Check out the ultimately caramalised pop-corn.
With macadamia nuts in between.

Even Gya acknowledged the out-of-this-world taste.

And this gallon of overdosed glucose, to enjoy with my family at home.

Totally worth it.

Garrett Popcorn is now officially opened at KLCC!


  1. That looks so so good! Why are the only ones in the US in Chicago an New York? :( Guess I won't be trying that anytime soon. Though I think we have a few other places that make similar popcorn, even if it doesn't look as fantastic, I may have to locate one.

  2. Really??
    I thought it's already all over the States!
    Not only does the caramel so rich, but the popcorn are edible until the very last bit and pieces! - unlike some where you'll find the hard inedible bits scattered inside that could break your teeth!

  3. aduss teringinnya..kalah org ngandung i teringin...jauh bebenor nak gi klcc tuh..huhu

  4. Lily!!
    inilah alasan paling baikkk sekali nak mai sini..
    jalan-jalan sempena cuti sekolah... hehe..
    takper, ngidam ngader ngader pon bley.. layannnn!

  5. ramai yg buat entry pasal ni dah.. haihh... kena masuk list utk dicuba tahun depan ni

  6. Qis, u could simply buat alasan nak pi vacation ke dubai, since kat sana pon ada gak kedai garrett ni.. hehehe..


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