Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Miss Lexi


fiezachommel said...

I guess that must be a post natal present, right?

jelita78 said...

hi fiezachommel!
err.. nope.. this is an old one but just featured.. hehe..

Dania's mummy said...

Tak sesuai ni, lepas ni kena featured diaper bag pulak.... Hahahahaha...

jelita78 said...

iskhh..perli kaa?
Baikkkk Daia!
Next WW kita start featuring baby bags plak ;)

Ayu said...

Alahai schweetnya miss lexi ni. Sangat ayu combination design & colornya :)

jelita78 said...

ofkozzz ayu..
beg mesti ayu mcm tuannya yg ayu..
berapa banyak ayu daaaa..

Anonymous said...

hi..i jumpa ur blog while bloghopping, nak tanya psl dr idora, i read u check up dgn dia kan? recommended tak? sorry kacau ye.. hope to hear from u :) -ina

jelita78 said...

hi Ina..
i met dr.idora only once, and that was for the 3D scan.
my gynea was prof siti zawiyah from umsc which i highly recommend her to all.


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