Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stocked and Loaded

This is it.
The time has come.
To start going back to work.
My maternity leave has ended.
Tomorrow will be my first day of work.
And proud to say that I have successfully stocked up my breast milk.
Aishah will start tomorrow with milk expressed dated 14th April 2012.
Any mother will agree with me, that this stocking up milk, is definitely a tiring process.
Took a whole lot of patience and effort.
Consistently expressing milk every 3 to 4 hours gap, daily.
I am very pro breastfeeding and has been exclusively breastfeeding all my boys till they reached 2++ years old.
Hence looking forward to do the same with Aishah.
But what worries me is the fasting month, just around the corner.
Which as we all know, could decrease the breast milk supplies.
That being said, this means I have to work harder on expressing milk each day to ensure sufficient stock during the drought season.
Sigh.. I really need to add alarm reminder on the phone just for this.
Wish me luck!


  1. kak..tu susu tets ke? ccanggihnya ...

  2. ha-ah.. yer..
    ebm - expressed breast milk.
    i simpan dalam special milk storage plastic bags.
    memula baringkan biasa je dulu dalam peti sejuk untuk bekukan susu tu, pastu bila dah beku, baru susun berderet mcm tu dalam freezer.
    tu yg nampak mcm tempe tu.. hehe

  3. baper rm storaye plastic bag tu aida? aku tak penah beli brand tu..
    ko mmg tak simpan dlm botol langsung eh?

    baper botol aishah minum sehari?

  4. hi Su!
    aku pakai Lansinoh storage bag, max 6oz capacity.
    yg ni i got it from UK, cheaper.
    tapi kalu kat sini, ko bley beli Autumz brand, ada jual online, which i find the plastic to have better thickness quality.
    aku ada simpan botol, tapi dah habih daaa pakai.. campur laa sekali.. but plastik ni jimat ruang sket.. peti aku dah tak muat dah.. ni tompang freezer mak aku ni.. hehe..
    Aishah minum dalam 3oz sekali and normally feeds once in every 3 to 4 hrs


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