Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baked with lotsa love, fun and joy

Mommy : Amin, what cake shall we bake for ayah?
Amin : Yucky mud!
Arif : Bloody red!

And after two hours, we got this.

This all happened last night.
Initially I wanted to bake chocolate cake, but then as I scanned through the cabinet, I'm lacking of chocolate bar, and evaporated milk.
Then I thought of baking apple cream cheese cake, but then, it is so obvious, I am lacked of apples, and cream cheese too.
Yes, Yes, last night was an adhoc decision on baking a cake for hubby's birthday today.
Then I asked Amin, and got the answer.
Lets bake whatever the kids want.
Layer cake!
Or as my grandma said, "kek wa-re-ne"

With only butter, eggs, sugar, flour and colouring, I am confident to let the kids help out.
Yeah, they've done this before so, easy breazy.
I laid out newspaper on the floor for us all to sit properly.
This is to avoid things falling onto the floor, if we end up doing it on the table or counter top.
The kids love to help out because they get to work on their own bowl and put the colouring that they desired.
I gave each one a bowl and split the mixture to two.
Amin wanted to make a "dirt-mud".
While Arif opt for "bloody" dough.
We then scooped each mixture on top of each other, alternately, into the baking pan.
No need to shake the pan, just let it shape up to whatever the gravity likes.
And on to the oven.

Hubby's birthday is toady, but of course, you can't dismiss the freshly baked smell of the cake lingering around the house.
And yes, when it comes to birthdays, the kids are the happiest people of all, even though it's not their birthday.
So, here we are.
Baked with lots of love from the kids and moi.
Happy 34th Birthday to hubby.
Sorry that Aishah was already asleep.
Hence, it's the boys club, as usual.
Best served with hot tea.
Or for the kiddos, cold fresh milk.

May you be blessed with health and wealth.
And hope for more sweet memories to come.


cz22 said...

That came out fantastic! The marbling photo of the inside looks so professional. What a great way to have the kids help! That's a fun idea I'll be keeping in mind for later. :)

Anonymous said...

aida, share a resepi cake ni..heheh.tingin nak try..

anyway, happy belated birthday to hafeez.. :)


nqr said...

baby girl takde pun??


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