Friday, October 20, 2006

last day !

Yeay! It's the last day of working before the long week holiday.

The parking lot is half empty as many staffs already took the day off starting today. Others in the office are obviously not in the working mood, of course. Not only raya songs are playing in every corner of the office, but raya ring tones also have invaded the handphones.. haha.. Oh how I just love this scene. It's so relaxed and fun.

Han and I went to PPZ Masjid Negara this morning to pay the zakat. I was surprise to see the PPZ staffs there. They're very smartly dressed with ties and blazers and the staff who attended to me was Faris Ezhan, hensem giller! And the way he recite the doa was so breathtaking, with the arabic pronounciation and all.. aahhhh...*sigh* .. But his small cute eyes are not to my type lah. I'm much attracted to Han's vern look.. hehe..

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