Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Abracadabra ! (Part 2)

Begin story mode, box number 2.

Same with box 1, this too baffled me a lot.
Because I was complaining to hubby when the collection was released.
That I was disappointed as Coach keep coming out with thinner-leather bags.

No more thick, supple, rich quality leather.
No more strong sturdy shape retaining bags.
No more strenuous exercise to build up the arm muscle to carry them!

It's like the era has transformed!
Towards lightweight-ness.
Honestly, I hated this entire collection.
Because I thought Coach has downgraded their standard.
But little did I realised, that this colour caught me by surprised.
It's like love at first sight.
And fallen madly in love with such simple detailing.
Introducing, my perfect blue-bag!
Coach Poppy Pocket Hobo, Patent Leather Powder Blue, style # 14561
That's it!
I'm completely on ban! .... *for now* ....


  1. byknyeeeeeee beg dan duit. bestnyeh!!

  2. hi, jelita, been following ur blog for sometime. Mind to share some tips about buying from ebay??? i m wondering what makes the huge contrast in price, esp when i browsing to check the price from official site for e.g. longchamp.com, coach.com and compare them with the price on ebay. Hope to hear from u soon ^^

  3. Waaa..kudos to Aida! U mesti macam setiap baju kena matching same colour dgn bag! I main hentam je, sebab tgk celebrity bag pun idakler matching bebenor...hehehe...Nice catch bebs! Love that nastro strap, nampak ranggi gittew! =)

  4. Nice catch...by far which line have the finest leather quality, as right now we have Sabrina line and Soho line.

  5. aiseymannnn irene..
    now that u mentioned about the celebs, rasa mcm i terlebih over laa plak kan matching bag ngan baju/ tudung ni.. wakakakkaa
    well, maybe it's time for wardrobe revamp? *wink*wink*

  6. thanks Nurman!
    well, it depends on what type of leather u are referring to.
    vintage calf leather, cowhide, pebbled, fine grained, juno, nappa, patent or sparkle leather?
    yes, there are plenty type of leather that Coach has, and the options are endless!

  7. met you somewhere...along the road? remember me? follow you..girl!

  8. hi JEM!!!
    of course i remember u!!
    although it was a very brief meet-up at UH..
    thanks so much for dropping by my blog!
    come again ok..

  9. hi there!

    i just bought my first coach recently (i blame the coach sales + my sister + the nice SA).. and it happened to be the coach poppy pocket hobo in sparkle leather...

    and few days after that, went to coach again.. the are having sales on hailey that i truly love.. hmm.. maybe next time buying it

  10. hi Anon!

    ohhhhh congrats on your first coach!
    the poppy is definitely the right choice as it has double functions - shoulder and crossbody!
    love that features!

    and that poppy sparkle is awesomely gorgeous!

    but bummer that the SA didn't tell u to wait for the upcoming sale in next few days.. or u might have gotten both the poppy and hailey! hehe

  11. cantik!!! Saya ade satu tapi warna silver/platinum. Baru pakai sekali n terkena stamp pad ink pada erl ticket!!! Tau tak mcmane nak remove stain tuu??? i pegi butik klcc, diorg ckp x bleh? :( coach.com kate mild soap n warm water... i try ade water mark plak.. become worst. kene antar bagspa kot:(


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