Thursday, October 19, 2006

raya mode

The air is filled with Raya songs coming from all corners of the office.
Almost everybody is playing songs and video clips of Raya, including me, haha. Yup, ONE more day left before the week long holiday. I can see that people are starting to lepakking and chit chat about raya stuffs such as when to balik kampung, the whereabouts, cookies bought/made, main dish planned on serving, family theme colour, new clothes, shoes etc including also the budgeted duit raya.

  • For our family, we will insyaAllah be heading to Pekan this Sunday, and on 2nd raya we plan to go up to Dungun and visit my dad's relatives there, perhaps spend the night in KT. Later, on Friday, we'll head back to KL using the Rompin route as to stop by to see Han's grandma in Muar.
  • Unlike the years before, no homemade cookies this year. Every year my mom, sis and I will make chocolate chip cookies, honeyed cornflakes and pineapple tarts. But this year, the oven broke down and therefore, no cookie.
  • Mom said that TokNah plans to make soto, ketupat, rendang ayam, pulut kuning.. just like the years before.. hehe.. The ketupat making will be very exciting because everybody needs to recall back the anyaman steps since it's a once-a-year event. And of course, everybody's favourite-to-help-out is to recai the steamed chicken for soto dishes.
  • Purple is the new black. Yup, that's our theme colour this year. My mom suggested it before simply because that's the only colour that Amin can pronounce for the time being. Actually, any colour is 'purple' to him. So, purple it is.
  • Arghhh.. duit raya.. my most unavoidable issue. Han and I are totally broke this few months, especially after we recently had to pay the lawyers for the MOT on the house. Besides that, I still have not paid ayah for Joe repair charges. There's also the pending tailor fees for the raya clothes and not to forget, the credit card bills that's now reaching 4 digits. Anyway, no matter what, we still managed to scrap up a few ringgit and budget is RM5 for all.

Enough for now.. laterrr..

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