Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eye Spy Red..

Got it!
I'm doing my little happy dance with cheesy smile plastered on my face!
Happy! Happy! Happy!!

I won these on ebay for fabulous deals!
Drum roll please.... presenting.. ta-daaaa!!!

Louis Vuitton Gina Sunglasses in Pomme
Check out the sexy curves handle.. phewwiittt!
.. and this is how it looks like, on me..
So, what do you think? Is this o.k? 
Or does it look too huge for me?
Or too much red to handle?
Hmm.. and why is that I think hubby wears it better?


  1. kakak cun gle la! me liking this=))

  2. thanks aina!!
    me like it too! hehehe

  3. akak,went to coach the garden,they ask me to leave the bag there,and they will quote me the price,sbb drang akan hntr kat coach repair baru tahu ada.ehehe

  4. You know I love them on you. The color is great for you. There are many celebrities that I think cannot pull off the large glasses, but you definitely wear them well!

  5. awwww shucksss cz22...
    that's too much of a compliment for me! hehe..
    it's u who i owe them too!
    thanks hun!!

  6. Suits u bebs...Cantiks! Erk..ur hubby pun try jugak?

    I've tried last week when I was in Dubai...tak cecuai...kot tepi oklah, but bila depan mcm sungguh not me! And tried oso the Miranda, and like u said, brown is better than gold. Tapi takde mood gatal or mengada nak membeli. hehehe

  7. hi irene!
    hehe..yeah, i made him wear it coz i wanted to see how it looks like rather than on me.. i felt it as too big, but when hubby wears it, somehow looked rugged and retro.. hehe..

  8. You look wonderful, definitely not too red - nothing's too red nowadays, matches ur pink tudung too! I likey!

  9. gorgeous doll!!!
    suits u nicely! n btol kan it doesnt kacau ur tudung! hehehhe :D
    enjoy ur new missy gina bebeh!

  10. thanks ladyverde!
    well, if it ain't for YOU, i wouldn't have known about the existence of GINA in the first place!!
    so practically, u're the one responsible for my purchase! hahaha

  11. cantik!!!
    saya ritu nk beli warne turquoise tp last2 beli warne lain..
    tp .. mmg nampak cool gile pakai sunglass ni :)

  12. thanks IQWA..
    so, what colour did u end up with? brown? congrats!
    i bet u look stunning!


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