Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 2nd LVoer

It's not that long after I received my 1st Louis Vuitton, the Watercolour Aquarelle Speedy 35 in White, that I realised I have been hypnotised by the LV spell!
Note to self (and to everybody else), there's no such thing as one and only LV.
You will be so enchanted by it.
It's addictive!
You will crave for more!
You will get the itching feeling to hunt for more and more and more!
So, what can a damsel in distress like myself do, to satisfy my desire?
I loose control as soon as I spot this beauty, she's the opposite colour of my 1st LV.
Which was of course, again, the blame (partly) if I may add, also goes to ladyverde..*wink*

Anyway, presenting, my 2nd Louis Vuitton, Mirage Noir Speedy 30, dress-up with the Coach Red Patent Leather Apple charm.
This speedy features is very similar to any other Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, but in case you're wondering, here's what it is all about;
  • Speedy 30 means that the length size is 30cm.  Size 11.8" (L) x 8.3" (H) x 6.7" (W) 
  • LV coated canvas material in Noir Mirage Monogram prints, with gradual black tone effect.
  • Double rounded handles and trimmings in Noir (black) patent leather.
  • Zip top closure with matching leather zipper pull. 
  • Single interior slip pocket
  • Leather leaf tab on both sides with one side for LV padlock attachment. 
  • It comes complete with an LV lock with 2 keys, and the LV dustbag. 
  • Black alcantra lining (suede)
If you can see from the picture, the monogram pattern gradually fades the closer it gets to the top part of the bag.  Yes, this is real, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  This process in photography is known as degrade, but just for the record, I've done nothing while taking this picture!
This Louis Vuitton Fall 2007 Limited Edition Release, Speedy Monogram canvas was designed by Marc Jacobs, and echoed the work of the Dutch Painter, Johannes Vermeer in providing the degrading effect.

The black alcantra interior lining also creates an interesting result.  It makes the bag much thicker than other speedies, thus gives more sturdy structure to it. You don't need a base shaper for this speedy because it can hold its shape well enough.  The drawback for it being thick is that unlike other speedies, you are advised not to fold it when keeping because the thick canvas might leave permanent fold-marks.
Any LV speedy can be folded flat when not in use (and is very safe to do so, rest assured!), but due to Mirage thick canvas, although it is possible, it's not advisable.
So there you have it..
I'll be back soon with my *gulp* 3rd LV damages.. bwahahhaa..


  1. hehehhee...owh my gorgeous twinnnnn!
    mase kat malaysia mmg i keep it up right sturdy...but i always bring it for kene jugak fold it :) huhuhu

  2. hiyeee twin sista!!
    yeah, i believe you can fold it coz the material is super duper durable..
    i have actually kept mine folded for some time, until the SA at pavillion told me about it.. not sure if it's right or wrong, but i'm not taking any chances! hehe

  3. sis. nk tanya. selama sis beli branded bags from eBay etc. penah kena tahan kastam tak? did the seller put exact cost kt parcel? any tips on this nak elakkan customs tax? TQ~

  4. hi Anon,
    no tips at all.
    sometimes kena tahan, bayar tax..
    and sometimes lepas..
    it really depends on luck!
    bykkan solat sunat hajat!
    insyaAllahh.. selamattttt.. hehehe

  5. means the sellers have been putting up the exact amount in the customs form for your parcels? is it?

  6. Yes Anon..
    They're doing that because if the item get lost, then they can issue claim based on the values declared.. but if u're willing to accept the risk, sure, u can request for the seller to declare lower values.. my advice is opt for the postage with tracking number so that the parcel can be traceable.. it is more expensive than normal postage, but then the seller might feel more confident in reducing the values.
    hope that helps

  7. sis. thanks for the advice :)


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