Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tehah is 4 !!

Happy Birthday Tehah !
When it comes to her birthday celebrations, we definitely wouldn't miss it for the world !

Not just because Fatihah is Amin's and Arif's one and only cousin, for now that is..

..also not because she has the most beautifully made Hello Kitty birthday cake ever..

..which practically over flowing with rainbow stripes on the inside..

..including sweet ornaments look-a-like on the side wall.. delicious that only these were left after blowing the candles..

..but mainly because her grandmother is a well know caterer and serves to-die-for dishes !
Bwahahhaa.. just kidding !
Happy Birthday my dear, and may you grow up with both beauty and brains !


  1. hi jelita! i blog hop2 alih terjumpa ur blog... you kan yg email i? eheheh

  2. thanks dear!
    yup, this is me!
    welcome to my blog and do visit regularly!


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