Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say NO to Saggy LV Speedy..

..when you have HippieGal base shaper!
I almost forgot that I actually made a review on the purseforum, a year ago, until a friend recently asked me about my Speedy base shaper.
So I thought maybe I should just post it here in my blog.

The reason for this review was to share information regarding this HippieGal base shaper, made special for Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag.
My thread was in the Louis Vuitton subforum, dedicated for all the LV Speedy lovers/ seekers worldwide.
Just to get that clear because I have no intention to boost or whatsoever, so, if you're feeling annoyed with this, so, beat it!

Having said that, let's get started, shall we.

Here is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25, which I recently bought for my mom's birthday.

I am very picky and fussy about bags, and Speedy is no exception.
I initially fallen for Speedy due to the boxy looks of it, and knowing that I inherited this 'picky' genes from my mom, I was sure that she would prefer the same look too.
So, I bought the HippieGal base shaper size 25 before handing over this LV to her.

It successfully gave the structured look to the Speedy, besides adding more interior compartments for better organization.

I have 3 LV Speedy.
(Yeah, you should know by now that from my collection of Coach Sabrina and Coach Poppy Pocket Hobo, that I tend to get the bags design that I like, in multiples)
The Watercolour Aquarelle White 35, Mirage Noir 30 and Sprouse Roses 30.
And I bought both sizes of HippieGal base shaper to suit them all.

Here's the Louis Vuitton Watercolour Aquarelle White Speedy 35, fully loaded with my usual stuffs and without the base shaper inside.
Look at how ugly the uneven sagging.

I stuffed her up with the beige coloured HippieGal base shaper size 35.
If you go to the HippieGal website, you will not see base shaper size 35 for sale.
This is because it is not as in demand as others sizes.
But have no fear, coz Sutanya (the maker) will make it for you immediately, upon request.

Enabling the Speedy 35 to transform to a beautifully shaped swan!

Next, is the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Roses Speedy 30, fully loaded with my usual stuffs, without the HippieGal base shaper inside.

I choose the red HippieGal base shaper just for the dramatic look.. bwahahha
Oh by the way, the HippieGal base shaper comes in red, black, brown, khaki/ beige and white.

Completely loving the speedy look inside and out!

Now, this comes the tricky part.
Louis Vuitton Mirage Noir 30, as I mentioned before here, this Speedy has a thicker canvas layer compared to other LV Speedy.
Hence, although it is the size 30, the HippieGal base shaper size 30 cannot fit inside it.
Behold, the over-flowing HippieGal.

Since I also have the base shaper size 25, I thought I might give it a squeeze inside the Mirage Noir 30.
It fits, but create an inch loose gap on the interior portion.

No worries here.
Seriously, the Mirage Noir 30 is thick enough, it can really stay in its shape as by herself, without any base shaper.

That's all about HippieGal base shaper.
I am not affiliated to it in any way.
Just doing a community service here..
(Although it'd be great if I got paid too.. bwahahha )

Hope this helps.


  1. Nak jadi makangkat boleh? Nanti leh dpt bag on my birthday..... Hehehehe

  2. Great, informative post! Thanks!

  3. Daia > hahaha.. bley je.. tapi it goes both ways ok! anak angkat pon demanding gak! bwahahha

  4. hi Mrs E!
    love to be at help!

  5. yeaaaay! thanks to u, i got mine :)

  6. wahhhh!!! love the variety!!! Banyak nye collection you! I am envious! hahahahahah!!! boleh tak?

  7. boley je, nana!
    it took me lots of sacrifices and bags selling to get to this point!

  8. jelita78,
    hi awak.. mcm best plak si speedy ni. NVF baca byk condemn thin strap. adui pening... speedy yg ada strap mahal la plak.. i minat speedy ni sbb ala2 braun buffel, cuma BB ada strap la.
    pening pening pening... meh tolong pk :D


  9. I completely agree with you! I absolutely HATE bag sag! I got mine from They're really
    pretty with the engraving! It's great to have a sag free bag!

  10. Hi! Are the flowers real? I'm looking for something similar for my hand bag.. need a custom designer base shaper for my bag..


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