Monday, December 23, 2019

Visiting the dead

Thur 12122019 : Pergi Makam Mahsuri tak?
Opkoz laa.
Dah sampai Langkawi kot.
Takkan lerr tak pegi ziarah kaklong kawassn.
Tapi just the three of us lerr
Yang lelain dah pancit from the island hopping trip and tak larat nak ikut we ols tour the Kota Mahsuri afterwards.
Ticket rate
Adults : RM12
Kids : RM6
What's there to see here apart from her grave?
Well, there's basically the historical section of her parents, her childhood, growing up, adulthood and story of her life incidents bla bla bla. Also about the island and state of Kedah cultures.
Convenient enough they let tourist such as myself to pailed the water from the telaga Mahsuri - the well. Both Bangcheeky and Zz were so impressed to see the well.
We were fortunate enough that during our visit we managed to catch 2 live shows. One was at the traditional kedah house whereby they're having a marhaban, folklore chanting for newborn baby.
The other performance was at the entrance of the place, the gamelan instrument.
The whole area is not that huge.
We could finished tour in less than half hour even if it wasn't for the performances.
Review : oklah dah alang-alang sampai sini. But it can be much much better and interesting. Only wish the whole area be made wheelchair and stroller friendly because it is currently not.

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