Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm kinda tired, at the moment

It's 16th day of Ramadhan.
Another half a month left to go.
But I'm already tired.
Tired of thinking.
(pics googled from the net)

Have to think of what to eat for Iftar, and Sahur, every single day.
For the sake of Amin, my 7 year old.
To make sure he still has the appetite to eat and continue to fast the following day.
Oh this is sooo difficult.
I've already run out of ideas.
Especially when I can't even feel my taste buds now.
Got fever recently and tonsillitis, and flu.
Badly lost my appetite for the past week.

But I salute my son, Amin.
Obviously, he is a simple person.
Everytime I asked him what to eat for Sahur, he will give the simplest solution.
The other day he requested for toasted bread with fried sunny-side up egg.
And there was time he suggested we order up lasagne and chicken wings from Domino's pizza before we sleep so that he can eat it for Sahur.
I don't care what he wants, I will get it.
As long as he eats up.
So far so good, he has been fasting full day.
Mommy so proud of you, Amin!
If you have any brilliant ideas on what's to serve for Iftar and Sahur, kindly list them up.
I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks all !! 


  1. mmg pun..hari2 pening pk nak mkn apa..utk sahur i wat nasik goreng,mee goreng or bihun goreng..or mkn nasik panas dgn ikan goreng sambal kicap..oreng,mee goreng or bihun goreng..or mkn nasik panas dgn ikan goreng sambal kicap..

  2. saya makan telur hancur .. hehe.. good boy amin ni! ;)

  3. Bersyukurnya dapat mama macam Jelita, Amin kena dengar cakap mama tau and jadi anak yang soleh

  4. Bagus betul Amin! Mak dia pun bagus! I mkn kurma & air je for sahur. Izz ajar puasa pun tak faham2 dia ingat I diet saja takmo mkn. Bila berbuka tu dia ingat dinner. hahaha

  5. sosej roll.. gelek2 kan roti kasik flat.. then boil sosej and put in the middle.. gulung, dip in egg n breadcrumbs or oat.. and fry.. sdp sgt kalau dip in ketchup eheheh..

    or tuna sandwich with cheese.. ltk dlm sadwich maker.. voila.. sng n sdp eheheh..

    or one of our fav as well.. minced meat tumis2 ltk rempah skit.. mkn dgn pitta bread.. ltk la sayo apa2 yg dia suka dlm tu.. or kalau x smpt nak tumis minced meat, pki daging burger yg dihancur2kan ok gak..

  6. Anon > thanks so much for the ideas! brilliant! thank you really.. it gives me hope! hehe

  7. hi DaZzlingLilLy > hah bila i takde idea, mmg last last nasik panas, makan ngn kicap, ayam drummet, telur goreng! settle!

  8. iqwa > diet yer.. makan telur jer, tak makan nasi?
    ohhh i takde selera dah sekarang ni.. dah 2 malam i sendiri makan cereal je sahur..

  9. aaawww.. thanks Nurman..
    so sweet of u!

  10. Haloo Yayaaaa!!
    tu laa pasal..
    baik anak aku ni..
    kekadang bila takde idea, dia sendiri kata "takpelaa Amin makan cereal mcm mommy"
    ishhh.. aku cepat cepat taknak bagi sbb takut dia lapar! usaha aku nak bagi makan nasik gak kat dia ni..

    haha.. lawak laa izz tu.. dah sebelum ni ko mmg slalu diet kot.. tu pasal dia ingat ko continue diet je lagi.. hehe


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