Thursday, August 11, 2011

When is it time to move to other company?

Have you ever thought of hunting for a new job?
What exactly that made you decided to move out? 

I was once in the state of shit whereby I hated my job and hated my boss the most.
Then somebody saved me and moved me to another division.
And I've been happy ever since!
I love my team and they make my job tolerable.

Of course, there's always ups and downs and problems here and there, but so far, there's nothing that we can't handle.
Although I wish that I could get paid more.
And I know that outside companies pays more too.
But all that matters to me is the team.
To me, no matter how horrible the job is, I can swallow it if I have great colleagues and bosses
I am easily satisfied.

Hence my wishes goes to hun.
So proud of you!
Today marks the day you signed your new appointment letter.
Hope you'll get an excellent team-mates in the future.


  1. omg...ur blog post is so timely. was about to write a post on being on a crossroad. got my new job offer letter yesterday and need to make my decision by next thursday. sigh...

  2. wow.. coincidence..
    it depends really, if u're opt for the challenge, the question is no longer should you go or not, but the question is why not?

    good luck deciding dear!

  3. Good luck to your Hubby!


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