Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Just like MacGyver

Shame on you if you don't know who is MacGyver.
Go and download a series and watch it carefully.
Then you'll know why I badly worshipped him.
Yes, that mullet hairstyle just gets me every time!
Kinda have the Rod Stewart look, I must say.
Believe it, I considered him to be the most handsome and smartest man alive at that time.
Gone head over heels for MacGyver, and followed the series like a hawk!
It's just plain fun to see the clever solutions MacGyver implemented using just the basic household items and with his ever so faithful red-swiss army knife, to get out of troubles.
It's like a different scientific breakthrough at each and every series.
And when science plus physics is involved, you can actually see the logic behind it and how it really works!
Who can get board with that?
Hmm.. did I just sounded like a geek?
Ok, enough about that.
This post is to commemorate recent incident happened to me during an office seminar.
I was having a shoe malfunction to be exact.
My nike sneakers decided to stick out it's tongue at me.
Although Mr. Crab would have been very proud of me and my effort to try and walk, it was still a pain to do so.
So, what would MacGyver do?
After a few minutes of looking at my shoes instead of paying attention to the seminar, I just had this brilliant idea.
Thanks to Hj. Mus for helping me in locating these rubber bands.
After almost 20 years of his final series, I'm sure MacGyver will be very proud of me.

(MacGyver pics googled from the net)


  1. Creativenya, I pun suka citer McGyver ni before ada McDreamy,McSteamy..very adventurous and mind blowing. I lebih tertumpu stokin yang Jelita pakai hahaha sgt color blocking

  2. uisshhh..
    itu mcdream and mcsteamy pon i follow ok!
    tapi macgyver laa yg paling genius! hehe..

    hah, itu laa my infamous polka socks!
    thanks for noticing!
    u indeed have an eye for fashion!
    tapi anak i panggil "stokin clown!"

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  4. Salam,

    Cantik kasut! nice combo color :)

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  5. hahahahahhahahaha...creative!

  6. Aidaaa!!!

    Cute socks my dear!! I'm so proud of you..instead of buying a new pair of shoes (Yes even in the middle of the conference), you have made Mr. Faiz proud! hahaha!! :D

  7. PS: Pearl Heaven is me your best buddy: Shaxmayra Jalil :P

  8. iqwa > yeahhh.. mesti creative ok!

  9. MYRA !!!
    boley jer if want to buy another shoes sebab sebelah hotel tu shopping mall.. tapi nak jalan ke sana tu pon, jatuh laa my waterface kalu nak do the crab-walk kan.. so, kena carik immediate solution laa jugak ni..
    but in the end, the elastic band lasted through the day and tak perlu pon beli kasut lain.
    hantar cobler je..

    rindu plak kat mr.faiz! hehe


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