Sunday, August 07, 2011

Not nailing it..

I bought this mani pedi groupon a month ago and thought it'd be great to spend time with my sisters in laws doing girly stuffs.
So we decided to cash in the voucher yesterday and sorry to say, we're not impressed.
I called the manicurist for directions and she did a great job telling us left, right, left, right, straight ahead etc.
Then I told her that I think we're going in circles, but I still couldn't find the "La Nail Spa Garden".
Only then she said "Oh, the shop is Face Affair".
FYI, the voucher is it called La Nail Spa Garden, but the shop actually labelled as "Face Affair".
How similar was that?
Aiyooosshhh! Felt like slapping my forehead.
Ohh, nevermind.
Lets get this done and over with.
The place located in shop lot area at Sunwaymas Commercial Centre PJU 1/3D, is just a cosy small parlor, with 2 chairs for the pedicure customers and 2 chairs for manicure customers
And the back end of the shop is for facial treatment.
Unfortunately, there's only 2 staffs here, one to do the manicure and the other to do the pedi.
We came in 3 so, obviously one had to sit out for afterwards.
Now lets talk about the service.
I am not a regular meni-pedi goers hence I have had only little experience so far, and the last time I did a mani-pedi was like 5 years ago.
Nevertheless, I can still recall the experience because I really enjoyed it and considered the treatment as worth every penny and time spent, and that was about RM75 for meni pedi which was done at Subang Parade.
This time, I was very disappointed.
Sad to say that this mani-pedi treatment which was said to worth RM135 leave me wondering what was the charges for anyway.

The manicure treatment was very quick and simple.
And I had to pay extra RM10 to opt for the buffering.
Which the manicurist did very quickly and I believe for RM10, it should be longer and more effort should be put in it.
Heck, I can do it far far better, I think.
And later she applied some sort of nail oil which that was what made the nail shined brightly.
Of course, after I washed my hand a few hours later, all I can see was only faded shimmer.

However, I give credits to the pedicurist.
I can see that she took her job seriously and was very dedicated indeed in cleaning my feet and nails.
I can see the effort and I'd say it's worth the experience.
But then again, I had to pay another extra RM10 for the buffering on all the toe nails.

Somehow this mani-pedi package does not include buffering.
Which not mentioned at all in the groupon package deal.
Since we are moslem and can't paint our nails, we simply had to skip the nail polishing part but the shop refuses to let us replace it with buffering and still charges us more for it.
Yes we can opt to not take the buffering, but hey, how do we get the beautiful nails then?
Mani-pedi is all about getting the beautifully shiny nails!

Here's the summary of the groupon package deal and my comment on it.
It said that this mani-pedi includes:

  • Full manicure (RM35 value) - stated here as "FULL" but still charges for RM10 buffering.
  • Full pedicure (RM45 value) - stated here as "FULL" but still charges for RM10 buffering.
  • Hand hydrating massage (RM15 value) - no massage.  she just put some OPI hand cream and just lathered it all over my arm.  To me, the word massage means pressing the muscles or joints as to increase blood circulation etc.. 
  • Leg aromatherapy soak (RM10 value) - no soaking.  just dip feet in water, took out and rub a dab here and there.
  • Leg hydrating massage (RM15 value) - ok, i noticed the massage done here but it's very minimal, about 90 seconds only and worth RM15? sheshhh.. 
  • Exfoliating sugar scrub (RM15 value) - yes, i noticed the scrubbing, and well done on this one because I do feel smoother feet !

Please let me know if you know a worth-the-money mani-pedi place that I could go to, because I am not coming back here again.

The end

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  1. Rugi je Jelita kan, tapi to me mahal jugak la

  2. yup..
    i tak kisah mahal tapi kalu puas hati, takpe..
    ini hampeh tu sebab disappointed..

  3. Aisehmen...we should go to this place Ejet brought me once.. Nail Spa. Good service and made my toes shine for almost 3 weeks :D

  4. tu laa pasal MYRA !
    tensen aku pi tempat ni..


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