Monday, October 31, 2011

Low Lying Placenta

So now we know why I bleed almost once in two weeks.
Went to Prof Siti this afternoon, and she discovered that a portion of my placenta actually lying below the sac.

I have been bleeding quite regularly during this pregnancy.
It's like I can easily bleed after a 4 hours traveling back to hometown..
After taking the staircase to 2 floors down from my office just because I hate waiting for the lift..
Even after a weekend of window shopping, walking around the mall with hubby and kids!

Although I'm already at 16 weeks, Prof said that I have to be extra careful.
It's not in the placenta previa stage yet, because my placenta is not all located at the bottom.
Mostly is above the baby-sac, but they're like partially circling the sac at the moment.
Like a "C" shape.
Prof called the lower part of the placenta, the "tail" and that's what's currently placed below the baby-sac.
And that "tail" may have been the cause for the regular bleeding.
I didn't bleed excessively, just a spot or two or three, of fresh red blood.

Prof said that there's no medicine to push it up.
No massage allowed either.
Just pray, pray and pray that it'll go up and the baby sac helps push it up too as it grows.

As for now, no heavy lifting.
No going up and down the stairs even for just one floor.
And no window shopping around the mall to my heart's content.
Unless if hubby willing to push me with the wheelchair, that is.. hehe..

(pics googled from the net)


  1. Do take care of yourself and baby. Praying to the Lord Jesus for both of you. Hugs.

  2. Jaga diri baik2. Jangan jalan (shopping) banyak sgt k. Doa dari jauh semoga selamat semuanya. : )

  3. sayang.. jaga diri n baby elok2 yer.. takpe berkorban memula nih.. nanti dha kuat start balik buat keje semua..

  4. Thanks Mrs E..
    really appreciate your love from far across the globe.

  5. tima kasih ayu.
    so sweet of u to care for me over here.
    terharu siot.

  6. fiezachommel - thanks..
    i will..

  7. qistina!
    tu laa pasal..
    hubby berkeras taknak balik kampung ni.. i plak yg monyok sedey!
    takperlaa.. korban sket katanya..

  8. Praying for you and baby. xo

  9. aww..
    you're a sweetheart indeed Sam.


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