Monday, October 17, 2011

One day done, another 3 to go

Amin came home from school with looks no different than other days before.
Unlike other kids running like mad towards the school gate, Amin has always been the calm ones.
Taking his own sweet time, whilst I frantically stretching my neck to locate his whereabouts amongst the hundreds of swarming bees!
It's like eternity for me to wait for him today.
Must be due to my anxiousness of wondering how were his Bahasa Malaysia papers today.
Which he then simply replied "Easy, mommy"
That's it?
I almost choked whilst sending him off to school this afternoon and this the reply I got?
So much for mommy getting nuts over a seven year old taking his exams.
Silly mommy!

Tomorrow we will be having Maths, Agama, and Jawi..
Wish us luck !!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. hahaha..
    i did some last minute study tadi for math n agama kat ofis from 11.45-12.15.. mudahan2 sukses anak2 ku... :)

  2. good luck to both of our kids! (and us too!!)


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