Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : An apple a day, keeps me sane


skippysays said...

Is that your purse? It's beautiful!

farha said...

fucking awesome!!!! (nak pengsan)
where did u buy?

♥ BeBe ♥ said...

sangat teruja dengan semua handbag sis!
poppy collection laa terbaik!

( handbag yg nak let go x? hehe)

just tututiny said...

Drooling over your bag collection. I am a die-hard Coach fan myself ;) Nice to meet you, hehehe.

jelita78 said...

thanks skippysays!
awww.. means a lot as it's coming from a fashion diva!
thanks for visiting my blog.

jelita78 said...

bertenang farah!
kang pengsan tak pasal lak ko.. hehe
bought it from US.
tak masuk mesia style ni..

jelita78 said...

shuckss.. thanks ♥ BeBe ♥ ...

so sorry coz u're a tad late.
i've put a few up on sale during the ramadhan and all sold out just before eid..
will let u know when i'm putting up another sale. *wink*

jelita78 said...

just tututiny > thanks for reading my blog dear.
Glad to know we have something in common, Coach definitely is a keeper for many more years to come!


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