Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We do not need a bigger car

A new addition to the family member is coming soon, insyaAllah, in April 2012.
That's referring to my growing belly, of course.
So, do we need to upgrade to a bigger car?
Do we need more space?
For the baby car seat?
For mommy to seat at the back for easy breastfeeding and baby handling?
Hmm.. nahhh.. I don't think so.
We do not need a bigger car.
We just need a more spacious leg area!
Don't ask me.
I am also baffled as to why my boys love to sit, play and even fall asleep here!


  1. LOL! they are so cute.. hahaha... kalau mcm tu kereta lembu sgt luas leg area dia.. hehehe... ;P

  2. ohhh i rasa nnt lembu tu yg lari sebab bebudak ni mmg suka binatang! habih lunyai lembu tu kanggggg

  3. kahkahkah...kat bawah tu jugak dia nak duduk ye

  4. bukan saje duduk, depa bley tertido situ gak yaya oiii..
    mmg hubby kena basuh and vacuum carpet every week!


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