Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dust.. dust.. *cough* cough*

It's been a while since my last blog post.

Yeah, as always, I've been busy with work.
It's definitely occupying 99.99% of my brains at this moment.
So you may think, what with all the works at this time of the year, anyways?
Well, if you have a data migration of 60,000 circuits due in February, and the new system launching scheduled in April, you will understand the hectic pace I am currently at in performing data cleansing, system performance test, and etc.. 
I am trying to do as much and the best I could so that my team mates will not be facing any problem later on as I go on my maternity leave, possibly a week before the system release.
How convenient is that?
I know, the chances of zero glitch are slim.. very slim..
But hey, we can dream, can't we?

Anyway, I only managed to be on leave this week, since the whole system group is also taking their break for the festive holidays.
Started the morning with a stop at Amin's school, to get the Standard 2 book list, and check on the school's bookstore to make sure of it's opening hours and books readiness.
Will go back there again tomorrow morning as both me and hubby had not enough cash with us since the bookstore only handles cash.

Then off to the dentist for my dental appointment.
It's been a year since my last visit.. how embarrassing!
And the last time, it was to dress up my wisdom tooth.
And yes, the dressing had worn out and it hurts again, badly since last weekend, that caused me to take panadol every 4 hours.
Since I am now pregnant, my dentist can't perform any tooth extraction, or root canal either as the anesthetic to be used is quite strong.
Therefore, she just re-dress the old dressing.
That should stop the pain.. for now..
Although I do have to lay low on solid foods for today and tomorrow until the gum stops swollen.. ouch.

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  1. Take care and enjoy the pregnancy moment....

  2. aaaahh.. thanks fiezachommel..
    u're such a sweetheart!


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