Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just to share with you..

We went for detail scanning last week.
We here means I took all three boys with me, yes, counting hubby too.

Set the appoinment with Dr. Idora at Pantai Hospital.
My gynea is Prof Siti at UMSC, but I opt for Dr. Idora because UMSC charges RM280 for detail scanning, and according to my good friend, Hazrin, Dr. Idora charges RM150.

In case you didn't know, detail scanning here meaning the 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scan.
2D is the normal ultrasound look.
3D is this feature looking.
4D includes view of the blood flows.
Here's the sample of the 3D scan.
We couldn't get a clearer view because baby kept swimming around, kicking here and there.
Must be annoyed at the probe pressing the belly.

I was so eager to bring the boys to show them what's the "thing" inside mommy's big belly.
As they have been asking me about it for sometime.
But, Hazrin forgot to warn me about this crucial fact.
Coincidentally, there were trucks and trains and legos neatly placed at the corner of Dr. Idora's room!
So, my boys were only able to focus for the first 90 seconds, of the entire half hour trip!
Huh, so much for the commotion!

Anyway, insyaAllah, I will be delivering a baby GIRL in this upcoming April.

Hubby is aesthetic.
He said now my mom will not bother him anymore.
He claimed that he has delivered his goals.
As my mom kept pestering for a granddaughter, for the past year.
Me on the other hand, am very grateful for this blessing.
Seriously, I don't mind the gender.
Coz from what I am experiencing right now, healthy child (and mommy, and birth), matters most!


  1. Alaa.. Bestnye! Excited dgr nak dapat baby girl! : ) Boleh pakai comel2 & dah ada pewaris handbags! ;p Tahniah, semoga semuanya selamat & both baby & mommy sihat. : )

  2. good news n congrats to u and family.
    take care and have a wonderful pregnancy

  3. nak nangesss! ur pwincess siap boleh pose lagi!!! so cute!!

  4. CongrAtulations Jelita!!! BestnyA baby girl...mesti secantik mommynya

  5. thanks AYU !!
    i planned to hand-down jer baju abang abang dia ni.. but i doubt my mom will agree to it..
    she's the more excited one! haha

  6. Sharky!
    it's indeed a wonderful news.
    thanks so much.
    insyaAllah.. i too hope for smooth pregnancy and delivery and ber-pantang too!

  7. awwwww qistina!!
    u noticed her pose!
    thanks dear!

  8. kak Ann..
    shuckssss.. that's so sweet of u..
    thanks dear!

  9. Bestnya! I am so happy for you! InsyaAllah everything will be fine beb. =)

  10. thanks yaya!
    hope all is good, for you too!


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