Monday, May 14, 2012

My recent birth experience

It's my 40th day of confinement today, so far so good.
Baby is growing healthily.
Mommy, on the other hand, has yet to get her bikini body back.
(like she ever had any, before.. still, a girl can dream.. haha)
Delivery Room at UMSC

I was due to deliver on the 10th of April 2012.
But as you all know, the baby's head has engaged since 22nd March.
I have been given medical leave by my obstetrician since then, due to the increasing thigh cramps caused by the pressure of the lowered baby's head.
Apart from it transforming me into a penguin, I still drop by at the office now and then, handling several meetings and handing over tasks to my colleagues and staffs.
Aishah after a few hours of birth

So anyway, from 22nd March, the waiting game began.
I was like a time bomb, but without the exact time to blow off and no detonator exist either.
At first it was fun to get to work from home, but after a week, I get bored.
I had several plans in my head on what to do during my leave, but with my condition of walking slower than a turtle and not to mention the pain down under, bed rested seamed to be the most comfortable solution for me.
Big brother Amin was the most excited

After the second week of leave, and still no sign of delivering anytime soon, my obstetrician, Prof Siti, ordered me to walk a lot as it will help to ignite the birthing cue.
Or else, she will induced me herself.
Being the scardy cat that I am,I tried dragging my self (and my mom!) around.. to the Giant supermarket, to the Pasar Tani, to the Ikea etc
Lots of love from Aunt cz22 all the way from Maryland

People said that you should get used to giving birth after your first child, but I would say that's a complete bs, ok!
I'm still feeling scared.
Still feeling anxious.
Still feeling the suspense.
Just like the very first pregnancy.
Starting all over again.
No such thing as highly experienced.  No such thing as dejavu.
But the one thing I can get used to, is the contraction feeling.
This time, I know when I'm about to deliver.
Lots of hugs from Aunt Ani

Around 10pm on the 4th April 2012, I felt the contraction.
And I'm sure of it.
Just like my first and second delivery, I did not experienced the water-broke, neither bleeding.
But instead, I felt like a jolt of current going right up my spine and about to snap my backbone!
Yes, my contraction was at the back of me.. not in front like most women felt.
That night, it was at about an hour apart, and hardly noticeable.
I told hubby, pack your stuffs, I'm gonna deliver tomorrow.
I woke up at 2am, feeling the contraction coming in at 40 minutes apart.
Still bearable, and I continued sleeping, with handphone set as a stop watch clasp in my hand.
But by 5am, I can no longer dozed off, as the contraction started to get stronger coming in at 20 minutes apart.
Hubby looking at how well I was handling myself, took me for granted and dozed off till 8am!

By 8am, the contraction has reached my "oh-shit-this-is-it" radar.
Got ourselves ready and head out of the house at 9am.
Straight to McD.
Hey, a mommy still needs to eat, ok.
Managed to munch the pancakes while gripping the chair as the contraction hit me every 15 minutes.

Reached the hospital later at 10am.
Straight to the delivery room.
Monitored the contraction, took laughing gas and fell asleep on and off.
Bundle of joy from Aunt Azleen, Aisha, Ibi and Uncle Bear

As time passes, the contraction grew stronger and the laughing gas started to become useless to me.

Hubby been monitoring the contraction % level and at one point I heard him asking me do I feel like pushing now.
Which coincidentally at that particular time, the contraction was excruciating and I did feel like pushing already.
I inhale as much as laughing gas that I can hoping to relief the pain.
After a while I felt someone pulled the gas away from me.
Which by reflex, I grabbed the hand back and pulled the gas towards my nose.
Then I heard Prof Siti's voice "Hoiii, it's time to push, and you still want the gas?!"
Slowly opened my eyes, there she (Prof Siti) was all ready with surgical mask and robe and gloves, with two nurses positioning my legs onto the stand.
"On the next contraction, I want you to push!"
Whhaaatttttt ? Now? Bismillah..

Alhamdulillah, the baby came out safely with three pushes.
Hello cutest

As she was saying hello to the world, I continued inhaling the gas whilst Prof sow back whatever that needed sowing.
And that's the beginning of Aishah as our new family member.


  1. Wow 3 pushes jer...Alhamdulillah. Chinese look la your baby, so cute

  2. thanks Nurman!
    all babies are the cutest.
    bersih jer dari segala bende.
    how's wifey doing?
    dah nak habis pantang dah tu kan?
    malasnye nak masuk keja balik!

  3. congrats jelita! she is sooo precious!!! =)

  4. Went back to sleep and out to eat during contractions, the out in 3 pushes? You're a pro! Very impressive.
    And great pictures, thanks for sharing!! I like being an Auntie! :)

  5. thanks Hazel !!
    she certainly is!

  6. hey auntie cynthia..
    well, you're next! hehe..

  7. yes minggu depan dah nak balik kerja dah..sempat tgk avengers time confinement nampak haha

  8. Congratulations Mommy!!!

    She is just the cutest!

    Btw reading your birth story got me clenching my va-jay-jay since my turn will be coming soon (5 more months and couldnt be any more soon-sigh) Haha.

    Take care :)

  9. NadiahKhair !
    congrats to u too!
    oh can't wait!
    happy news indeed!
    elehh.. dah pro dah u.. rilek aa.. hehehe..

    dear, can u allow me to follow your blog please?? i can't read it laa..

  10. Nurman..
    I wish!
    sape nak jaga baby ni? :(

  11. Can.u pls share how much is the delivery cost there in umsc n how was the service and facilities? good?


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