Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mayday! Mayday! Lockdown mode!

Woke up this morning with major thigh cramps and the 'oh-my-god-why-suddenly-it's-damn-hard-to-walk' feeling.

Panic attacked!
Is this it?
But no, I'm not having any back pain / contraction yet.
Nope, didn't wet the bed.
And nope, no blood stained on the panty liner, either.
So, whats with all this pain?
Went to freshen up, changed to day clothes and off we go to the nearest clinic.
Got a laugh out of the doctor.
"The baby has lockdown!"
Yup, her head is already engaged.
But there's no telling when she will come out.
I'm now at 37 weeks and officially on medical leave as I can no longer work with all this lower body ache and besides, I am currently walking slower than the turtle.

Wish me luck!

And that reminds me, I seriously need to pack the hospital bag!

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