Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Photo A Day

Oh I sooo am missing my blog.
I used to sometimes spent time reading my own entry.
Because it holds so much memories.
But my life currently is way too hectic, that I hardly even have the "me" time anymore.
Then again, I'd rather sacrifice that, to spent the time with my kiddos, of course.

Been introduced by an old friend to this, which I find it relatively fun.
This could take my mind of work for a while and well, at least now, it can become my current hobby.
It's from
Just a list of photo challenge to put on the Instagram.

I started with Day 1 "where you stood" with this picture of me sitting in the car, on my way to work.
Well, to be exact it's a picture of my Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy next to my feet wearing Clarks black patent leather sandals.

My Day 2 "lunchtime" was a picture of my Avent breastpump kit.
Yeah, my lunch hours are usually boring.
Me and my commitment to fully breastfeed my baby, Aishah.

Next, I was soo keen to put on something spectacular for my Day 3 "this happened today" challenge.
I've been waiting for something weird or great to happen so I can share it.
But unfortunately, the day was terrible.
I got pissed off and annoyed at so many people at work, even got angry at my boss.
Got way too busy attending more meetings than a person could handle.
Was going from one building to another, and answering one phone call to the next.

Which then I realised why I felt super hungry by lunch time.
I actually had skipped my breakfast.
So, I ended up with a hefty roasted chicken and cleaned the plate in seconds!
Which then, that's my Day 3 pics.
Ahh.. yummy..
And they said that we eat when we're stress!
It's just hungry, really.
Pfffttt !


  1. been staring at ur mirage noir for days..seriously rase nk curikk je.hahaha...pls let me know if u nk let go,or any of ur frens yg ade tis bag or u jumpe bag ni dkt mne2 consigment shops...:)


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