Saturday, October 06, 2012

It's the exam week, again!

As usual, it will be like I am the one who will be taking the exams.
Figuratively speaking.
It's Amin's final year exam week, and who else would be freaking out like a mad woman, other than his own momma!

No more TV.
No more iPad.
No more playing ninjago.
No more playing with Arif, especially!
Mommy is putting you on strict revision timetable and closely be monitored by moi.
I know I'm not supposed to pressure my kid.
He's only 8 years old anyway.
But hey, you can't really shrug the mommy-wanting-child-to-be-prepared-for-exam feeling, you know..
It's just the natural way for a mommy to respond.
Gonna go all the way to help her children.
As much as she can.
That's what mommies do best!
 Hmm.. now where's that calculator to help me count?


  1. Ohhh amin ni same age dgn qyum. Tp bila tgk entry ni rasany amin lbh pressure drpd qyum sbb Malaysia punya sistem pelajaran kan lain. Tetiba mcm risau plak apa la nak jadik dgn Qyum nnt bila dia blk msia. Dpt ke nak catch up semua ni? Fuhhhhhh...

  2. Hie, I found your blog during my search for base shapers, I want to ask you about caretips for my LV monogram, I'm from Malaysia as well. Can I contact you by email? My email is :) Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  3. rilek qistina..
    i believe kids nowadays mmg bijak.
    tak mcm kita dulu.
    qayyum shud have no problem adapting to the syllabus here.
    infact, he will be far more advance than the local kids.
    he might be able to jump a few years kot..

  4. hi carolyn.
    thanks so much for reading my blog!
    hope i didn't bore u with my ramblings!
    anyway, i will email u soon and we can chat there.
    nice to meet you.
    and thanks again for surfing my blog.


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