Monday, March 10, 2014

First Order Of Business to perform bags cleanup!!
No happy new year wishes.
No "hey whatsup where/ what have you been up to" talk.
Straight to bags.
Of course.
Should have seen it coming, huh?

All lined up at the corner of the living room.
I've already cleaned them.
Already moisturised them.
Already kissed them goodbyes.
My babies.
I love them all.
But mommy keep baring new babies and these beauties are left unused for so long.
Lets give these babies the justice that they deserve.
May the future parents continue loving and pampering them.

A. Coach Zoe Leather Large Crimson Red [ SOLD ]
B. Coach Legacy Francine Patent Leather Teal [ SOLD ]
C. Coach Legacy Willis 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Colorblock [ SOLD ]
D. Coach Tribeca Tote Patent Leather Grey [ SOLD ]

Please note on the disclaimer:
This is a preloved item. Thus the condition shows damages from general usage. There might be discolouration and ink marks too. This is not brand new, hence it is not flawless. Returns are not acceptable.

ALL [ SOLD ]. Thanks for buying from me. Follow me on Carousell to get latest update on my great bargains. TQ

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