Monday, October 30, 2006


I don't know about you but I actually feeling great to get back to work today. Maybe because I had a great weekend, had a good night sleep and had a wonderful drive to work this morning which maybe because many people still on leave and hence the highways were pretty much cleared. The same applies to the staffs here at the office, plenty still on leave and the office looks deserted but still, I feel good to sit here at my cubicle, check my emails, answer some phone calls, surf the Internet and exchange Raya stories with those who are already back in the office.

As soon as I arrived at work, my routine will start with me cleaning up my desk. This is because that I have an open ceiling stretched above me to the floor on top and every day white particle dust will fall helplessly onto my cubicle. This dust comes from the plaster ceiling way up above which I'm starting to think that the ceiling might not be well sustained and could fall on to me anytime soon..eekk..freaky..

Next, as soon as my Dell PC is turned on, I check my emails. After that only I click open the IE browser and check my Gmail. At the same time, I click on new tab to open up the Google News, Threadless and Meebo. I will browse all the entertainment news highlights and read only the interesting ones before moving to the world news / top stories for the day. For the threadless, I'm here just to see what latest cool designs that are recently printed and if I have the free time, I would rate those current submitted designs and slogans, just for the fun of it. I planned to buy several tees but just wait and see. Need to really decide on the best ones because they're not cheap - costs about USD17 = RM65 per t-shirt. Very expensive but it's labelled as designer tees, of course. No, none of those DKNY or CK or couture design, but it's called designer-tees simply because it comes in limited edition and can only be purchased online.

The truth is, anybody can print tees. Actually, Ijah and I printed a tee for my dad last year written something about being a fisherman at the back of the tee (I seriously can't recall what we've printed) with a blue coloured fish logo in front. We went to CM to print it. It came out great but after a few months, the prints easily faded and now it looks terrible. Wish we could have found a better quality printing company because our dad seems to love that soft cottony white collar t-shirt. Anybody knows any excellent and reasonable priced t-shirt printing place nearby?

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