Sunday, October 29, 2006

raya-days recap

  1. Tuesday 24th Oct@1st Syawal :- Purple was the theme colour. Main dish consisted of ketupat, peanuts sauce, chicken rendang, nasi dagang and fish curry. Duit raya given to all, totalling up to almost RM400. We're absolutely broke this time. But then again, it's only once in 2 years as next year we will be celebrating Raya in Penang where there aren't as many kids there as in Nenasi. We gave RM50 to TokNah, TokNgah, TokChu and Ijah, well, my one and only sister and besides, it's not like I give much money to her each month though. And the rest of the eligible relatives got a standard five, except for Kak Ngah which I gave a ten. After Zuhur, we went to Mersing to visit Chumah and her 1 year old Shafiq. She made nasi minyak and ayam masak merah. We gave Shafiq a five and Chumah a fifty. How I really miss her and the old days.

  2. Wednesday 25th Oct@2nd Syawal :- Main dish was soto ayam. Together with mom, dad and Ijah, we went to Dungun and Kuala Terengganu. Visited the relatives on my dad's side. This was Amin's first visit to Terengganu. Amin was stalked by his 3 year old cousin Sophia who simply adored him so much and seemed to be grabbing him now and then as to play together with her. This scared Amin up and he ended up glued to either me or Han. Later we spent the night at Permai Inn. Han took 3 showers as a way of expressing the joy of showering. Just for the record, we were having trouble bathing in Nenasi due to the vast usage of water causing the water tank to be empty most of the time and slow water pressure.

  3. Thursday 26th Oct@3rd Syawal :- Head back to Nenasi. Han drove the car as ayah was too tired to drive. I wonder what makes him so sleepy. It must have been the delicious nasi ayam Paka that we ate for lunch. Ayah slept snoring throughout the journey. No problem with Amin as he too slept most of the time. Arrived at Nenasi to shockingly discovered that Adam had chicken pox. Tried to distance Amin from him but only for a short time. Amin's been playing all this while with Adam and Alif. Somehow Alif didn't get affected. Well, Allah is the greatest and now is the best time to rely on takdir. As for me, I would prefer Amin to get it at age of 4 and above because insyaAllah by that time he will be able to understand and prevent himself from scratching and can seriously take medication.

  4. Friday 27th Oct@4th Syawal :- The three of us head back to KL.

  5. Saturday 28th Oct@5th Syawal :- Went to IKEA to survey kids bed for Amin because Han accidentally knocked hard on Amin's baby cot last night and broke one of the edge screws and crack it's wooden hole. It's repairable but then it's also about time for Amin to get a proper bed. We have decided on this Kura designed bed - it's kinda like able to transform from lower to upper bed where it can create a playing area below the bed. Almost wanted to purchase it instantly but then we realized that it will not fit into our Honda City. Got to borrow dad's Toyota Land Cruiser and get it later as to save RM60 on Ikea's delivery charges. We then went to watch Open Season at Cineleisure Cathay nearby. Amin watched the first 30 mins and then felt asleep till the end. I was disappointed because I expected more and honestly speaking, I think the movie's kinda boring. Hopefully Happy Feet will be better than this. Anyway, we went to KLIA afterwards to pick Mama up. She took the plane with Fatihah. Fatihah fell sick in Penang, suddenly turned blue and suffocating and was admitted into the Kepala Batas Hospital, but the doctors there didn't know what's wrong with her, so, here she is, will be taken by Rudy's parents at the airport while waiting for Hafeezah and Rudy to arrive by bus. Yup, they took the bus to Penang on 2nd Syawal ago and now taking the bus back to KL. Don't ask me why cause I don't wanna know either. For me, I think it's a very stupid thing to do as they both have cars and you'll never know what kinda of sick people spreading diseases riding inside the same bus with you! It seems that Rudy recently caught a fever and spread it to Fatihah and bla bla bla. At 11pm, Fatihah was admitted to HKL and diagnose for asthma. Mama slept with us at the apartment.

  6. Sunday 29th Oct@6th Syawal :- Han and mama went to HKL to visit Fatihah. Amin and I stayed home because I don't want Amin to spread chicken pox around if he's carrying it now (although currently no sign of red dots appearing on his skin) and I also don't want Amin catching any of the diseases at the HKL children's ward too. Mama took ERL to KLIA and board on the 5pm flight to Penang. Han and Amin went for haircut later today at Ravi's.

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