Sunday, October 15, 2006


Met kak Su at Crony Beauty office at USJ21. Bought a new black long drawer for RM500 and trade in the old skin colour for a new one for just RM280. New additional resolution; to shape myself up and to drop 10kg in less than 4 months.

Hey, don't underestimate my determination. I've proven to be very good at it.
For instance, early this year I have made the 2006 resolution to take care of my skin. I've thrown away all my beauty products and bought a whole range of SK2, finally dedicate and focus to just one product unlike before. I managed to go for facial treatment once a month and able to stick to its beauty routine (such as cleanse, toned and moisturized) until this very minute. Plus, I went to aerobics at the office every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (but currently am taking a rest due to the Ramadhan). If you were wondering do I look any prettier than before, well, two things that I am sure enough is that my skin is no longer feeling dry and my freckles are less visible. A month after I started using it, my office mate, Gobi, came to me and said that he can hardly see my freckles anymore and wonder if I have been using something new in particular.. wuhuuuu !!

Now, I want to add in another resolution which is to drop 10kg in less than 4 months. I was very frustrated when aerobics resulted in no change at all on my weight. Then, mom told me that aerobics actually helps in making people healthier, flexed up the body and tones up the muscles. It'll take intensive workout if I want to loose weight quickly. But the consequences of it is that once you stopped, you'll gain it back as fast too. I have to admit that a month after I started going for aerobics regularly, I felt mentally fresh and less drained up during the evenings and I don't get tired quickly while doing chores at home. My neck/shoulder muscles also not easily crammed. I can still recall the first week I went for aerobics. My whole body was aching as soon as night comes and my muscles were untouchable. But when the 2nd week comes, I'm starting to enjoy aerobics and proud to say that I no more huff and puff after the session. My metabolism has increased and I feel great. Although now I'm resting from it due to the fasting month, I still feel very much healthy and not easily tired up. Maybe it's the beauty of the Ramadhan.

Anyway, after this, InsyaAllah, I want to continue the aerobics and try taking the Herbalife for health supplements, which a friend of mine, Yati has just recommended it to me last week. I've taken Sendayu Tinggi for several months ago but honestly, I feel no different than before. Maybe it just doesn't work on me.. hmm..

As for the crony, I've been using Lafanie since year 2003, bought at that time by my fiancee. Well, not all, but we split the bill. I bought the whole set for RM1400 from Kak Su who is my friend turn mak-andam. The crony works fantastic in curving me up and I loved it the most after giving birth to Amin. I used it to replace the traditional barut-lilit and was back in shape in no time. The only problem is that the crony upper part is not breastfeeding friendly and hence I only wore the long drawer until it recently rips a few months ago. You see how long-lasting the materials are, yeah..

OK.. So, now mark this date, I'm targeting by February 2007, to weigh 50kg.

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