Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th ?

What's with all this friday the 13th thingy?
I don't care that much about all these celebration days. I think it's initially created by someone who has nothing important to do and perhaps was just thinking on having fun.
I respect the dates such as independence day and father's /mother's day.
I make it a big-deal for birthdays, anniversaries and main festives celebration.

Speaking of birthdays, it was my mom's last wednesday. It's her 55th. I bought a pair of gold laminated brooch with purple orchids preserved in it. My mom loves orchids. My sister and I have been buying many things associated with orchids and I think we might run out of ideas anytime soon. It was my lucky break to discover the brooch. I was in KLCC with Han and Amin and there's this stall-on-wheels on the lower ground floor that's selling practically just orchids. Not live orchids but preserved orchids made into frames, vases, paperweight etc. I wasn't looking for her birthday present at that time (this happened a month ago), but as I was walking passed the stall, I immediately saw the brooches and well, you know the rest.

Amin's birthday coming up next month and I am thinking on celebrating it at A&W, PJ. Perhaps we'll invite several close relatives over and hopefully the A&W mascot will be there too. Oh, and speaking of the bear, Open Season will be in theater next week. A must-bring-Amin-to-watch movie! Can't wait!

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