Thursday, October 05, 2006

joe's sick

That's what i called my car - joe.. yeah, I named him when i got him in year 1999 as a birthday present from ayah.

This is his 4th time in a month.. Actually my car was doing o.k until 15th september ago when all of a sudden it failed to start. To make matters worse, I was in jalan genting klang, attending a training. It worked fine in the morning but pissed me off in the evening, the time when everybody's rushing home and the traffic starts to build up. Anyway, after 10 minutes of trying and praying, I got him up and running but without the aircondition and radio on. I noticed the rpm dropped whenever I turn on the aircond. So to be on the safe side, I roll down the window, let the wind blew my tudung into a disaster and did some vocal training throughout my journey home. Don't worry, no animals were killed or tortured during my singing session..hehe..

Hey, actually, joe was o.k, until my sister hit and run a car last weekend while driving him. The funny thing was that my sister hit a parked car and the not-so-funny thing was that joe was badly bruised - scratched, bent and smashed his left front signal light. And the next day, the aircond started to heat up too.

Anyway, I took him to the mechanic (15th sept) and ta-daa, the cooling coil's broken.. Changed the cooling coil -RM350.. A week after that, problem again, rpm dropped and car stopped in the middle of the road, especially at traffic lights or corner.. Ayah tuned the rpm back up and joe was ok for another week.. Again, rmp drop, I took joe to mechanic, and he tuned the rpm back up for free and yes, it lasted for only a week. This morning, I can only start the car but as soon as I put it in drive or reverse mode, rpm dropped and engine turned-off.

Joe was born in 1995 and being a 'proton' car, there has been numerous maintenance done. I even had to repaint it in 2002 just to make it look great. Han said that the time has come for me to let him go, my boss said the same thing too (he knows because there has been several times that I was late to office and stuck at workshop). The only thing I need to do now is to talk to ayah about it. After all, it was his present for me and you don't change or throw away presents, do you? hmm..

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