Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Smokin' Hot

Everytime we were at Pavilion KL, we ate here.
It's at Express Teppan-yaki, Level 1 the Food Republic @ the food court area.
It's just the perfect meal for us, the vege, the proteins, the carbs.. and best of all, the fact that everything was freshly cooked and served hot!
The only thing I wish for is that it would come with baby-chair or at least a space to pull the baby chair for Arif, as it's not easy to eat with him sitting on the lap.
But thank god, he's such a sweetheart and very well behaved enjoying the meals like the rest of us.. ohhh yummyyy!!  


  1. dah lama x makan kat situ... but foods there mmg yummy :)

  2. oh naddy, u must go there!
    it's definitely different from those other teppanyaki branches that's at midvalley, 1utama or klcc foodcourt..
    this one is the only in malaysia and the garlic lamb set and the mushroom beef roll set is definitely must haves!!

  3. oh mmg dah biasa mkn kat tepanyaki pavi tu, cuma ni dah lama x go & eat there ehehehe and yes i agree, dlm byk tepanyaki, yang kat pavi plg best... tempat lain mcm a bit dry kot i rasa lah :)

  4. never tried teppanyanki pavi..must do day

  5. hi kaezrin!
    indeed, u must!
    and get the garlic lamb! kaw kaw!!


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