Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writer's Block

I said I wanted to blog..
I thought this could be an easy peasy thing.
But goshhhh.. everytime I logged into this page, my mind suddenly went blank..
This is harder than I thought.

Let's assess this situation.
I've been crazily following Coach and LV on the Purse Forum.
I am constantly hunting for great bargains for handbags on Ebay and Bonanzle.
Was an active member in the Strollers and Prams Forum.
So why is it that I turn clueless whenever I'm in my own blog?
Why? Why? Why?

I think maybe because I'm scared that I might blog about the wrong thing, although I'm not sure what is the right or wrong thing in the first place.
And I put high expectations into my blog to make it 'perfect'.
To be a favourite site for readers.
To blend among the bloggers.. sigh..
Oh hell..
Whatever am I saying here? 
I shouldn't worry about a thing, huh?
After all, since I've started this blog in year 2006, I only have 178 visitors!
Even my hubby don't read my blog! bwahahahhaa..
So, I've got nothing to loose.. nobody reads my blog anyways..

I think I'm gonna try and recall back my major posts in other forums and recreate them in here..
Great idea! Then I don't have to think too much about what to blog at this earlier stages..
Just copy and paste.. that, I can do! Yippeee!!

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