Wednesday, October 04, 2006

no more stress!

Just to share with you, this is currently my wallpaper.. Yup.. Why? Well, initially it was because my crazy colleague here downloaded the spongebob theme song and made it his ringtone.. Then he spread the spongebob desease to me by playing the theme song over and over and over again and suddenly,kaposshh! I'm hooked too!! Well, it's actually kinda fun way to start the day.. Who could resist spongebob square pants? haha..

Today I learn my lesson on luck and faith.. Allah knows best.. But we must never give up and always do our very best in everything

The point is, I have tried.. I have done my best, I have push myself to the limits.. But in the end, after 3 weeks, I'm still not able to catch the Marshall Satria Neo HotFM.. Bukan rezeki ku kali ini.. Not my luck.. And thanks to Han for the ongoing support.. Sorry to give u such a headache. No more stress! InsyaAllah, we'll try again next year!..hehe..

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