Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my very 1st entry


Fuh.. I have registered this blog since july but only now decided to finally post something up.. actually, I can't even recall why on earth I bother to initially register myself.. Well, why did others have blog? Let's think for a minute there ok..
  1. for fun?
  2. to keep in touch with friends?
  3. to make friends from other parts of the globe?
  4. exchange knowledge?

A-hahhh.. Now I remembered.. I merely registered because I don't want anybody to use my jelita78 blogger add.. hehe.. Kinda like trademark thing for me, I guess, and also at that particular month, I was reading an old friend's blog and suddenly inspired to have one but in the end I end up only registering myself and not yet posting anything..

Well, the time has come.. Donno what happened, just suddenly remembered that I actually already have a blog and out-of-the-blue decided to post my very first entry today.

So,err.. Welcome to whoever you are out there who have the time to read my blog.. and err.. Thank you, perhaps??

Anyway, I intent to make this blog kinda like a diary of event for my safe keeping coz I honestly have to admit that I'm a forgetful person.. Hopefully that will all change afterwards.. haha.. Time will tell..

Ok..Let me recall.. today's stuff...

  • Called Astro to add in movie package (smlm ayah complaint takde citer best kat astro.. )
  • Send in Amin's photo and biodata for the model pa&ma magazine.. (baru sedar ada borang penyertaan in the sept06 issue semlm - yeah, dah sebulan beli, baru nak baca after sahur tadi, and mintak-mintak laa terpilih..hehehe.. I sent in pics of Amin with baju melayu and aksi naik motorbike)
  • Order online the detergent 1kg and softener 1litre, through amway2u - RM47, will be delivered tomorrow.

Opss.. got to run.. solat time..

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  1. WoW...congratulations! rajin-rajin laa yer menaip tuh.keep it up.
    Love YOU!!


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