Saturday, October 07, 2006


Definitely the place for a vacation or simply to run away from the bad-air day in KL.

We went to Penang on Friday night and came back on Sunday. The drive took 4 hours and yes, very tiring. Thanks to my ever so dedicated driver, Han for the safe journeys, Alhamdulillah. Amin slept all the way. He's such a good boy and I think he enjoys the most whenever we were in Penang. The cows, chickens, birds, wide open spaces of paddy fields, clear blue skies, fresh air and the delicious foods - of course. This includes mama's great cooking too, a woman who effortlessly cook plenty of delicious food, in an unbelievably short time, all by herself and afterwards leaving the kitchen so spotless. After 3 years of marriage, I still couldn't figure out how my mother in-law managed it. It's just simply amazing.

It's the month of Ramadhan but that doesn't stop Penang from displaying its delicacies. The Ramadhan Bazaar is way far much better and CHEAPER than KL. and the night spots were no less happening from any other month. After the terawih prayers, we drove to Penang Island for the famous Hameed's chicken soup. It's a must-have-thing. We planned to go to Batu Feringgi afterwards but it's kinda late already and Amin's half asleep, so, had to cancel that. It's a good thing actually not to go there since I'm kinda broke this month and not able to buy any branded immitation handbags.. aaahhh.. maybe next time..

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